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Why Your Next Date Night Should Be At Ruya

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A Dinner Date At Ruya

Looking for a gorgeous restaurant for your next date night, mamas? Ash and her hubby checked out Ruya in Dubai Marina and loved it!

The Occasion:

Mr Y and I were celebrating the fact that we’ve just bought our first house in Dubai. We’re not going to be able to afford food for a while, much less fancy dinners out, so it needed to be somewhere good!


The Venue:

A friend recommended Ruya saying that the restaurant design was fabulous as the food which is always a major selling point for me and the Conran designed interior didn’t disappoint. The East meets West scheme features Ottoman influenced leather chairs and a wall of traditional coffee distillers along side incredible lighting installations and a chic bar. There is also a beautiful terrace complete with Marina views which will be a stunning place to dine when it cools down a bit.

The Vibe:

Mr. Y and I aren’t really the kind of couple to sit gazing into each other’s eyes across a table with romantic piano music tinkling in the background. Instead, we prefer livelier venues where we can pretend that we’re still young and hip (yep, I’m aware that use of the word ‘hip’ confirms that I am neither)! The restaurant and bar were busy but not too packed and we loved the current music played by the DJ.

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The Food:

Executive chef Colin Clague (formerly of Jean Georges and Zuma) spent a month traveling around Turkey before creating his unique interpretation of Anatolian cuisine for Ruya. We opted for the Hayal Set Menu which includes some of his signature dishes including the light and crispy Citir Calamari served with a divine spicy red pepper dip, a fresh and flavorsome burnt watermelon salad, the indulgent Two Cheese Pide and the Kesek pulled Lamb Risotto which melts in the mouth. For dessert, we enjoyed the Stamboul pudding which combines white chocolate, lemon, strawberry and basil, and saffron French toast. We drank cocktails and wine recommended by, Lorenzo, the lovely and knowledgeable sommelier. The food, presentation, and service were all outstanding.

Room for improvement:

Er… genuinely struggling here. I should have worn stretchier clothes so I could have stuffed myself further? The waitresses are depressingly young and gorgeous, that’s literally all I’ve got!


What we loved:

Everything. Go there now! The venue is cool and the food is both delicious and comforting, a triumphant treading of the line between tradition and innovation. From mid-September, Ruya will be launching a Friday brunch including live music, buffet starters, and desserts with main courses served at the table. It’s my birthday at the beginning of October and, Mr. Y if you’re reading this, I can’t wait to go back…Got to be the finest Turkish restaurant in town.

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