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Federica: 056 394 6048 

Silvia: 052 870 4258

Life coaches Federica and Silvia, founders of Hummingbird Lifestyle and Coaching, are two mamas and entrepreneurs with a zest for life. They offer life coaching on how to take control of the day-to-day and achieve seemingly impossible goals (and we all have some of those). Federica and Silvia explain that life coaching is just a practical way of facing life through a series of exercises that help you get where you want to be – whether that’s being more organised, or starting a new career – or even carving out time to spend with the kiddos (work life balance, mamas!), they can help cut through the clutter and get you out of that rut and living that dream.

Not only are both ladies qualified coaches but, with kids of their own and a professional background, they understand what life as a mama is all about! The dynamic duo are also mega sporty – Federica is a registered Health & Fitness Coach and Silvia practices and preaches Yoga to achieve the ideal mind/body balance so if you’re looking to kick-start your health routine then they are just the gals to help. Oh, and they also offer sessions in Italian, Spanish, French, German and Czech, just incase that’s your thing (frankly there’s nothing this dynamic duo can’t do!).

These are the mamas to contact to empower you to reach your goals through life coaching exercises (mind and body) that are guaranteed to inspire. Here’s to healthier, happier, Hummingbird mamas!

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