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In the Kitchen: A Mama’s Confession Topped with an Icy Treat!

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Join our resident foodie creator, Ifat as she shares about the struggles of motherhood and how she’s learned to treat herself with this recipe

I’m just going to dive right in. Motherhood is exhausting. I’ve tried to do it all… I’ve had three kids in under five years. I’ve been the mum that takes all three to work with me, I’m involved on every level while working and mothering all at the same time. I’ve always believed this would be the best case scenario for my kids.

I have trouble sleeping at night mostly because I’m either pregnant and uncomfortable or nursing my babies, which I was happily doing for a long time. To this day, I still don’t know what it’s like to sleep longer than three hours at a time! The impact that these decisions I’ve made have affected me physically, but in all honesty, I would happily do them again.

Whilst I have a home office and work full time on my business, book and consulting jobs, working from home was a choice my husband and I made so that one of us would be present for the children when they needed us. The downside of being pregnant and breast feeding non-stop for six years along whilst working a full time job and being mummy full time is that I’ve finally reached a point where I’m completely wiped out. I haven’t had time to really take care of myself well.

Through tests, I found out I have Minere’s Disease, which is an inner ear degenerative disease that causes problems such as unpredictable fainting, vertigo, hearing loss, nausea and zero energy. On the outside, no one would know but on the inside it can be a constant battle at times. Stress can definitely provoke it and make it worse, so my determination kicked in on how to try and best manage it.

Through reflecting I started to wonder, I’m 100% there for my husband and kids all the time. But was I taking any time to love and take care of myself? If I didn’t show them that I loved myself, what was I really teaching them? One of my closest friends reminded me that I needed to take care of me and do some of the things I enjoyed doing before I became a mum and get back in touch with not only the role of a mum and wife but the role of me.

Strangely enough that meant trying to learn how to put myself first again and with that my whole community rallied with me and helped me get out and do things I used to love doing. One of which is cooking and being passionate in the kitchen. So this recipe is for all you mums out there who need some time for yourself. These Mama Wine Pops are purely for adults only!


2 cups of fruit (my go to is green apple, however other fruits will work well like grapes, oranges, lemons, peaches etc.)
2 cups of fruit juice (freshly pressed juice is best in my opinion!)
1 cup of your favourite white wine (you can swap this for red wine too)


  1. Fill moulds with fruits
  2. Mix liquids together
  3. Pour over fruits in moulds
  4. Freeze for 12 hours, as wine takes longer to reach frozen temperatures
  5. Dig in and enjoy with your friends this summer!


Enjoy this special icy wine pop, mamas, you deserve it!

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