29 Sep‘16

Pokémon Hunt in Old Dubai

unseen trail
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The Pokémon Go hype is still going strong, mama! Join award-winning RJ Nats from Dubai 92 and Arva, the founder of Frying Pan Adventures along a scenic and cultural route that meanders through Old Dubai for a family Pokémon hunt!

Power up across 18 Pokéstops (with at least 3 guaranteed lures!), be alerted to hiding Pokémon, glean useful tips on the game and best of all – incubate eggs over the epic 5.5 kilometre route! Exercise those hamstrings while socialising with fellow trainers from different playing levels: first-timers, novices and seasoned Pokémon experts. There will be opportunities to not only stock up on virtual Pokéballs, potions and razzberries. The best bit? Expect real-life edible treats ranging from Indian gram flour fritters to quirky Chinese tea eggs and Iranian frozen noodles for a Pokémon hunt timeout.

Time: 5:30pm

Those who don’t enjoy walking long distances – there is lots of walking on this trail at a medium-fast pace, with only a few waiting or sitting stops.

Event Price

AED 350

Event Location

Outside Entrance 1 of Ghubaiba Metro Station