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The Power Of Pilates For Mamas

pilates for mums
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Pilates promotes strength, flexibility and balance – plus helps get rid of that post-baby belly, mamas!

Still deciding on your New Year’s resolution (in May!?), mamas? Or want to give some indoor exercise a go now that the outdoors is a teeny bit too hot – plus feel bikini ready for the summer? Well, Pilates could be the option for you.

After having 3 babies in quick succession, it was harder than ever to get my tummy back to some semblance of ‘normal’. I tried everything.. walking, running, bootcamp, reducing carbs… you name it, I did it! But I still continued to be asked when the baby was due… sigh.

Then someone recommended Pilates and I stumbled upon Danielle Haggar, a Pilates teacher and mum of 2 here in Dubai. We had a very detailed phone consultation and she explained that she taught Pilates on a mat, as well as a Pilates reformer (a very high tech piece of equipment that all kinds of exercises are done on to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance).

I went along to my first session filled with high hopes. Danielle began by showing me the basics such as how to belly breath, and which beginners moves could help my tired tummy muscles regain their mojo. I left the session with confidence that Pilates was going to make a difference.

Within just a few sessions there was a visible change – I no longer looked quite as ‘bumpy’ around the middle. Danielle, tailored every move to my needs, gradually increasing the intensity and complexity of the moves I was attempting. Having one on one sessions was incredible! Danielle ensured I adopted every position perfectly. I often felt that a private Pilates lesson left me feeling better than getting a massage. I’m hooked!

Here’s a bit more about Pilates from instructor Danielle…

Why Pilates?

I decided to become a Pilates teacher when I saw the benefits on my own body, I had severe back pain and injuries and after a few sessions with my Chiropractor she recommended I try pilates in a private setting. The results were so brilliant, that I was inspired to change my career and learn how to help others through Pilates.

Explain Pilates in a few words

Pilates is a Neuro-muscular method of exercise. It focuses on breathing, posture, stability, balance and coordination.

Who can benefit from it?

Everyone! Each client is very individual… from pre-natal to post-natal ladies, athlete’s, people with sports injuries or arthritis, or men and women just looking for exercises to make them feel stronger and healthier.

Why should we try Pilates?

No matter what your personal goals are, Pilates can transform your body.

Keen to give it a go, mamas? You can find Danielle via Facebook  or Instagram 

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