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Walk, Don’t Run: Why Walking Will Get You Fitter

Power Walking in Dubai: Keeping Fit
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Walk your way to fitness

So many fitness trends, so little time. We need help navigating the fitness jungle! Let us introduce you to Jackson Litchfield, our fitness hero and fave PT in Dubers. So far he has helped no less than three Sassy Mama team members plus hubbies (!) adopt a healthier lifestyle as well as feel fit and fabulous. This guy is the bomb so we put a few questions forward:

Running – ugh! We hate it. But a brisk walk on the beach? Yeah, we can totally do that! Is walking enough to burn significant calories and help get you that dream bod?
Well, actually, the most recent research shows that although running burns more calories than power walking – it’s not as many more as previously thought. In fact, a 1.5 kilometre power walk will burn ~90 calories and running the same distance would burn ~110 calories.

The calories burned while running will add up more quickly but the great news is that you’re still going to burn about 180 calories by walking for half an hour, which is pretty good considering power walking is far more enjoyable… [ed. note: gossip with friends, listening to embarrassing love ballads or your fav. podcast!] Make that walk a full hour and you’re looking at 400 calories burned; that’s a meal or 2 Snickers bars (whichever unit you prefer).

You had us at Snickers. We can totally do this walking thing. Should we take it up a notch? We’re not scared…
There is a way to burn significantly more calories per minute while walking which pregnant women can also benefit from (but please check with your doc first!). Simply add resistance/weight while walking. I’m sure you mamas are used to carrying little people around all day so this should be pretty standard and makes a BIG difference!

Adding a weighted vest (or similar) burns much more calories than simply walking alone. Why? Because heavier people burn more calories than lighter people and you can just make yourself heavier to burn more calories. You are basically outsmarting your own body.

Plus, a vest won’t weigh down your limbs or fall off and is designed to distribute resistance evenly without compromising core, posture or walking technique. You can add as much a 5-7 kilos vest and hardly notice the weight. Remember those 9 kilos you used to carry around in your BabyBjorn all day…? You can do this.

Golden nugget:
With a 7-kilo weighted vest, you can burn 355 calories in half an hour (power walk speed, remember?). Take it up to 45 minutes… you do the math.

Now get your walk, perhaps even your vests (?) on, mamas and I’ll see you at the beach!

Stay Fit!

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