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Baby Swimming Olympic Style At FitRepublik

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Already making a splash on the fitness scene (check out our write-up here), FitRepublik are now offering its teeniest guests sensational swimming lessons in their very awesome pool. Whether they’re new to the water or looking to make new baby friends while learning a skill, baby swimming is one of the best classes you can choose for your kiddos.

Remember the underwater baby on the cover of the Nirvana album? Well mamas your precious little people could be doing exactly that. Babies are born with and make instinctive swimming movements until they are about 3 months old so capturing their early aquatic intuition is a huge advantage. Or if you’re introducing them to the water at a slightly later stage, their time in the pool will not only offer a great opportunity to learn and develop movement skills, confidence in the water and eventually the ability to swim like little fish but also the very special opportunity to spend quality time with their mama (or papa, nanny, grandma – whoever is lucky enough to share the experience!).

Classes include gentle movements, nursery rhymes and word cues that encourgage the babes to learn key skills such as entering the water safely, moving in and through the water and also submersions (that’s going under Nirvana style) once aquatic breathing has been established.

Ok so we know that swimming is fun, that babies love it and that the water helps develop movement skills – but it gets better mamas – the pool also offers a stimulating environment that assists in brain development meaning that your little ones can exercise their little legs as much as their minds. Sounds good right?!

And as for the FitRepublik pool – well you just gotta see it to believe it. Olympic size with floor-to-ceiling windows – we guarantee that you and the minis will want to dive right in.

Baby classes offered every weekday (10:00, 10:30 and toddlers at 11:00) plus Friday mornings at 11:00 and 11:30.

FitRepublik Fitness Center, The Academies, Dubai Sports City, (+971) (0)4 556 1800,

Brought to you in partnership with FitRepublik

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