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back – tenants tell it like it is (real estate lingo be gone!)

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We’ve moved home enough times in Dubai to know that it can be very stressful – and we don’t mean packing up and settling in but finding somewhere without trawling through inaccurate listings and dealing with unreliable agents (grrrr). Well mamas, finding somewhere to live has just got a whole lot easier thanks to the lovely peeps behind – the UAE’s first property review website that gives honest, independent evaluations of different communities and apartment towers in Dubai. Sounds good right? Because sometimes we need more than the basic 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, shared pool type knowledge. We want to know what it’s really like to live somewhere before we hand that cheque over – is it noisy? How’s the maintenance? Does the pool get any sun and how’s the traffic in the morning? These little details can make the hugest difference because, let’s face it, nobody wants to be surprised by an irritating little property quirk after committing to a year’s rent!

A family run business (love those), encourages reviews by actual residents –bye, bye real estate agent lingo and hello to the real nitty gritty- and are available for everyone to see, free of charge or registration. Would you book a holiday or reserve a special table without some inkling of what to expect? Heck no mamas! So now you can read a review about your potential home and make a well-informed decision about that too – make so much sense to us!

Whether you’ve got something to say or you’re looking for some honest inside knowledge, is the perfect platform to do so (and all reviews are thoroughly checked to make sure they’re fair and credible). Need to let the world know about shoddy maintenance or give a huge shout out to a fabulous landlord? Just visit the site and fill out the form – it’s as easy as that.

And should you need even more of an incentive to share, have monthly giveaways to encourage reviews… Fancy a new iPhone 6 mamas? You have until end January. This is definitely something to write home about.,

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