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One To Try: Free Exercise Classes At Mall Of The Emirates

free flywheel classes mall of the emirates
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From FlyWheel To Mall Walker, These Exercise Classes Are Now Free At The Mall

Want another reason to visit Mall Of The Emirates this summer? No I’m not talking sale shopping (although that is reason enough, I know) but free exercise classes courtesy of FlyWheel, FlyBare and more. MOE ACTIVE is an awesome initiative offering a variety of fitness sessions to suit all levels, all held before store opening hours at 8.30am from Sunday to Thursday (the perfect way to prepare yourself for a mammoth Carrefour shop!?) – and all for free – what’s not to love?! Want to know more? Here’s the weekly schedule….

Sunday’s 8.30am: Mall Walkers – meet at the Ski Dubai Foyer

It’s one thing to wander from store to store and quite another to pace the mall with a purpose a la Mall Walkers! This instructor-led session will have you stretching pre/post walk and working up a sweat while you window shop. Perfect.

Monday’s 8.30am: Mall Circuits – meet at the Ski Dubai Foyer

Just like Mall Walkers but with interval training stops added throughout – a fab way to get a workout while checking out which new stores have opened in the mall (or which cafe to go to for your post session coffee).

Tuesday’s 8.30am: FlyWheel at The Ski Dubai Foyer

Whether you’re a cycling novice or a pro in the saddle, these legendary classes from NYC are the reason for many a celeb’s toned bod. Kind of like spinning but much cooler, imagine a high-energy 45 minute class with music to match (instructors  choreograph each class to the beats of the choice) plus a bike that’s customised for you and displays your resistance, speed and power output, meaning you know exactly how hard you’re working at each class (and therefore how big a brekkie you can go for afterwards…)

Wednesday’s 8.30am: FlyBarre at the Ski Dubai Foyer

I’m a huge fan of the barre (no, not the cocktail kind although there’s a time and place for that one too…). This total-body sculpting class combines light weight training with core strengthening exercises in a fast-paced routine that’ll have you pulsing and pumping and feeling the burn! And the results are amazing, honestly – say goodbye to the excesses of summer and  hello to a toned core, thighs and glutes. Hooray!

free flybarre and flywheel and mall circuits mall of the emirates

How to register:

Signing up for any of the ‘Activate the Community’ classes is quick and easy. Simply visit to reserve your bike, mat or spot. Sounds good right!? See you there!


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