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GAP: Recycle Your Blues

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Denim For A Cause

Last year Gap launched a truly innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ campaign called “Recycle Your Blues” in Dubai and Kuwait. Through a denim recycling program, customers were able to donate their old jeans at participating Gap stores in exchange for gift vouchers to purchase a new pair of Gap 1969 jeans – fab! The old denim was collected for ‘recycling’ – being made into awesome works of art, from pieces of furniture to clothing, and more. With 3,300 units collected, the campaign is already a resounding success, continuing to encourage people to recycle and ‘do more’ with their denim through arts and crafts.


When I was asked  to “Do More” with my old denims and create something that best reflects me and my lifestyle – as part of the Sassy Mama team and, and with my 3 kiddos, it was very obvious that I should come up with something for the kids – but what? One of my “couldn’t live without baby essentials” (especially when my kids were younger) was the Boba baby carrier – a rucksack type contraption that snugly fits your baby on your front or back in a really comfy position, leaving your hands free – ideal for traveling, shopping, carrying around the house – anything! So I decided to create a baby carrier made out of my recycled Gap jeans.

Great idea right? But now I needed to get creative and start sewing! Well I’m proud to say that I stitched the entire baby carrier by hand (no sewing machine)! I even created a front pocket on the front and allowed my daughter Sienna to test it out.


Combined with the much anticipated reopening of its Dubai Mall store, Gap will host an in-store event on February 3rd (between 7pm and 9pm), which will reveal and showcase 6 UAE and Kuwaiti based up-and-coming talented artists who have been asked to create individual and unique artworks from the ‘Recycle Your Blues’ collected denim.

Gap is also proud to raise awareness for local charity Al Noor. As a part of this campaign, Gap partners with Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disability and donates time for meaningful volunteering. For every one person entering the store on the evening of the event, one hour of the Gap teams’ time will be donated to support this great cause!


So as Gap continues its fantastic ‘Recycle your blues’ campaign, please do stop by the event on February 3rd – and keep looking to ‘do more’ yourself by joining the recycling campaign…

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