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5 Ways To Beat Dubai ‘Hair Loss’ & Sort Your Thinning Locks

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Losing Your Hair? Yup, Hair Loss Doesn’t Only Happen To Guys! Worry Not, These 5 Tips Can Help

There are some topics of conversation that come with living in Dubai. The ‘Dubai Stone’ (that pesky extra weight that we all put on when moving here), the weather (‘it’s only 40 degrees today, let’s go out..’) and hair loss. Childbirth and the hormones associated with pregnancy often results in losing hair – mine came out in clumps post the birth of all 3 of my kids – but the climate, the water, the dips in and out of the pool/ocean all cause our locks to suffer. Whether you’ve been blessed with a lusciously thick head of hair or you’re desperately hanging onto what you’ve got (yes), there are some simple solutions to help stop it thinning, mamas!

Invest In Shower Filters

Most hair stylists in Dubai swear that filters make a huge difference. The water in here is desalinated but apparently some salt, sand and other stuff remain. H20 Pure Blue filters are available at kiosks in most malls and also directly online – they are super easy to fit onto your shower and remove impurities including sand, dirt, metals, and chlorine plus leave your hair softer and healthier. Hooray!

Cartridges lasts 6 months based on 2 showers per day and are easy to change too! I’m definitely going to try these.

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Loads of mamas swear by Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements which are packed full of nutrients including Biotin and Zinc plus marine protein complex AminoMar C. and Niacin, Iron, Vitamin C and Millet Seed to promote healthy hair growth. They’re not cheap but if they mean less fall and more ‘just stepped out of a salon’ then I’m in!
Available from

A Good Shampoo

Here’s the thing – a good quality shampoo really is better for your hair and worth the extra dirhams. Kiehls ultimate thickening shampoo for thinning hair is antioxidant enriched and infused with a blend of thickening polymers, naturally derived proteins and Omega-6 essential fatty acid derivatives to fortify and texturize thinning hair. It also contains Vitamin E and Rosemary, Peppermint and Cedarwood essential oils for a lovely tingling feeling on your scalp.
Available from 

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Reduce Stress (massage, meditation)

Ha! If only it was this easy…life as a mama IS stressful sometimes, particularly when you’re dealing with extreme temperatures and cranky kids! Make time for yourself, book a massage (I love Sensasia) or try meditation. Illuminations at Cluster T, JLT is a holistic healing and well-being centre offers classes for beginners or those who’ve meditated before.

Dyson Hairdryer

The new Dyson Supersonic is the king (or queen) of the hair-drying world. Yes, it’s eye-wateringly expensive BUT, the way I see it, you wear your hair every day and if you’re prepared to spend on a handbag or pair of shoes then this is equally, if not more, important! This hairdryer is fast, powerful and has a heat-protection sensor to stop the temperature ever getting high enough to damage your lovely locks (you’ll never get that horrible hair-burning smell with this and it’ll never get uncomfortably hot!). Oh, and it dries in super-speed time so you won’t be standing there for hours – always a bonus for busy mamas!
Available at the new Dyson superstore in Dubai Mall 

Hang onto that hair, mamas! I hope this will help! 


Featured Image by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash, Image #2 by on Unsplash, Image #3 by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

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