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Munching Monster Halloween Treat Bags

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There are so many reasons to love October… The weather finally lends itself to plenty of time outdoors, the silly season is within arms reach and of course, there’s something to be said for the creative build up to Halloween and Halloween kids crafts.

Let’s be honest though. The thought of bringing out the craft box at home can be a little daunting!  Yes, there will be a mess for a limited period of time, but rest assured – all it takes is a little bit of water (or in extreme cases, a splash of JIF) to wipe away the remains of a magical, creative experience for your little darlings. And if you get it right (and do it often enough), the kids will learn pretty fast to clean up after themselves too. Score!

I prefer not to do an example for the kids, but to rather allow them to lead the activity by selecting what materials to use and how to use them. There’s no better way to keep the kids entertained than allowing them to create and explore without boundaries and without the fear of keeping it tidy. This is not only good for their self esteem as they’ll be super chuffed at having created something all by themselves, but it also allows them to create their own unique piece of work rather than striving to recreate what you have shown them.

This month, we’ve had a real blast, making our very own Halloween treat bags. It’s been icky and sticky, but I have been totally blown away by the level of creativity that has emerged.

photo 1

We used ordinary brown paper bags – like the kinds you can find at the bakery. Save yourself a whole lot of trouble and pick up a couple of these when you’re grabbing your daily loaf! Alternately, Daiso, The Craft Box (at the back of the Organic Foods & Cafe near Oasis center) or Creative Minds on Umm Suquim Rd are great places to look. I got my stash from Tchibo in Oasis Centre… they came with festive gift tags and stickers, which I’ve put aside for now.

photo 4

Other bits you’ll need include: ‘Craft Glue’ (ELC) and then any bits ‘n bobs that you can find lying around. Shredded paper/wool/tinsel/feathers for your monsters hair, googly eyes or buttons, bits of patterned or colourful paper, cotton wool balls… I tend to use what I’ve got lying around the house, but who doesn’t love a good browse through the craft shop?

I found some cupcake holders in the kitchen cupboard and loved how my 4 year old flattened and folded them for arms.


Have fun cutting, folding, sticking and creating, and of course, don’t forget to fill them up with plenty of yummy goodies!

We have some fabulous festive crafts coming up next month, so be sure to check in for a bit of inspiration!

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