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Take The Kids To Modhesh World Before It’s All Over!

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Indoor family fun at Modhesh World

We moved house last week which involved several days of sustained neglect of my children (cue the mama guilt!). When I finally emerged from under the mountain of boxes I figured they deserved a treat so off we set for Modhesh World at The World Trade Centre. Modhesh World is an indoor fairground with a mix of rides, arcade games, food stalls and even a little petting zoo. You charge a swipe card with credit for rides and a little fob for food and drinks so you are in control of how much you spend – phew!


We walked in and the munchkins were momentarily frozen to the spot in awe of all the flashing lights. They recovered quickly though and spent a couple of minutes squabbling about what to do first before settling on bumper cars, then the carousel. It was a week day morning when we went so we didn’t have to queue for any of the rides.


After that, we found a zorbing pool which I can definitely recommend if you ever need a giggle as it basically turns your children into little hamsters on a wheel! The girls were in one together and it was so cute watching them figure out how to work together to make it go round. A great activity for siblings who might need to improve their teamwork!


The kids had worked up an appetite so we stopped for a snack at Wofl and I can confirm that their waffles are indeed ‘dangerously delicious’. Next up were a few more rides and some arcade games which they all loved. The cost can definitely mount up if you’re going on loads of short rides but if you want to keep them amused for a longer period then I’d recommend the inflatable slides which cost AED 20 per child for up to an hour’s play.

Hungry again, we went to the food hall off to the right where there were a wide variety of stands offering everything from burgers and pizzas through to noodles and crab. Modhesh World is only open until 3rd September so if you fancy some indoor family fun then get down there soon!

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