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Ahhh instagram, it’s the social media platform that’s just perfect for mothers, for capturing those magical (and hilarious!) moments, for sharing the highs (and lows) of raising a family, for having a good laugh (we’re big fans of the memes that are doing the rounds). And we’re not talking about the mums who are just in it to push freebies, who buy ‘likes’ and followers (we know who you are, don’t do it!) or who want to out-smug everyone because Instagram is NOT about making others feel inadequate – we mean the honest accounts that give us a huge amount of inspiration. Instagram is a great way to build a community of like-minded people, connect with other mums  and just look at really pretty pictures (even if a few are majorly envy inducing and make us want to move to Bali, pronto). Here are 5  insta mamas who we think are #rockingmotherhood …

@notsomumsy, based in Australia, 94.5k followers

not so mumsy

Journalist and blogger Marcia set up notsomumsy as a place for busy mums who juggle fashion, playdates and “the occasional splash of rosé”. Describing herself as living a “holistic lifestyle, whilst eating Nutella from the jar” (hooray to that) the Sydney-based mother’s all-out honesty about the realities of motherhood and life with her little boy Archie (and another bub on the way!).

@jetsetmama, based in Australia, 101k followers

jet set mama

Jetsetmama, aka Claire Alexander-Johnston is constantly on the go with her travelling tribe (3 gorgeous kiddos and 1 gorgeous hubby!). With a huge smile that just can’t help but put you in a good mood, her pics aren’t smug – they’re fun, honest and gorgeous. Follow Claire  for a case of wanderlust blues and time spent planning your next tropical holiday plus a few funny moments on how to manage 3!

@kellyejensen,based in the US, 51.3k followers

Kelly e Jensen

She has 5 kids (yes, 5), she’s wrestled in mud with her entire family, surprised them with trips to Disney and climbed mountains while pregnant. And no, it’s not staged, this family is super cute and loads of fun – we particularly love the #jensenfamilylivelist hashtag that sees them fulfilling fun activities that Kelly, her hubby and her kids come up with every year (from jumping in the pool fully clothed to eating the same meal all day, nothing is too big or too small) – it’s all about living life to the fullest, about connecting as a family and celebrating the little things too.

@thejnr, based in Copenhagen, 13.4k followers

the jnr

Helena Schütz was born in Sweden and lives in Oslo, and her Scandinavian cool permeates her every Instagram post – navigating your way around it is like walking through an art gallery. From interiors inspo to gorgeous nature shots and really beautiful images of her equally beautiful children – all filtered with natural, earthy colours – we love.

@mamawatters, based in the US, 261k followers

With 3 kiddos, a super cute dog and a seemingly immaculate home (but not in a scary way, promise), this Midwestern American mum Amanda snaps everything from playtime to house details and more. Pretty pictures to get completely lost in.

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