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Stylish Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Bedrooms

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Decorating Tips For Kiddie Spaces

Toni Snyder is an American Interior Color Specialist with Benjamin Moore Paints, living in and loving Dubai for 13 years. She shares a few tips on decorating your children’s spaces with their input (and without the standard/pink or blue girl/boy combo!). Time to get the overalls on and the paintbrushes out, mamas!

Kids are so fun and fearless – so don’t hold back. We get a chance to live vicariously here, as parents. Our little secret opportunity. Although we love to let our children be young decision-makers and plan their own room, they are constantly inspired little sponges so change their minds rapidly. Here, I like to offer limited (like 3) design schemes for them to choose from and keep the look timeless enough to take them through at least a couple of years. Let them choose between a simple or bold room rather than ask them what color they want. That would even be a hard question for us!

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Awesome paint colors paired with wild wall covering is fab. Let a paper inspire you. There’s Cactus paper, jungles, whales, hot air balloons, polka dots…whimsical patterns, it’s endless. Try a great color on the ceiling too, a calm or deep one may help our future little heroes fall to sleep better.

Color doesn’t have to just be on walls. Boldly painted closets are fantastic, the inside of the bedroom door, or window frames. Throw a coat of paint on a boring bed frame and layer it with mixed pattern bedding and cushions.

Even if you aren’t feeling color crazy, you can play with textures, sheens, and products. There are high gloss paints you can get in neutral colors for a more subtle but glam look. A white chalkboard is really fun, and textures like glitter paint and metallics… kids love textures.

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Look for color inspiration and don’t be limited to typical palettes. Celebrity kid’s rooms are a great place to dream. Their rooms are often daring and done by experienced designers. Clean whites are great for kids and allow you to layer patterns in shared rooms, as well as softer grays. Pinks are no longer limited to cotton candy but have gone coral, flamingo, and raspberry. Historical peaches are pretty, and blush beiges, pale olive, vintage browns and linen tones. Yellows are gorgeous too, and great in a glossier finish. Boys really are way beyond basic blue now and keen on oranges and greens, and teal and sapphire. Look at some pins together to find out what inspires them. Talk it out.


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