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Kiddo Hydration Made Easy With Masafi

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The mission: Getting the kiddos to drink more water.

Sounds easy right? Well, mamas, making sure that the littles are filling up on H2O can be tricky – it’s just not that high on their to-do list (fun, fun and more fun) plus they just think that the clear stuff is a little boring.

Thanks to the water experts at Masafi, the challenge just got a whole lot easier. These guys understand what our kiddos like – and it isn’t carrying around or sipping from heavy or leaky water bottles when they are just too busy doing important kids stuff. So they’ve come up with 200ml Masafi ‘Cute’ Bottles that are perfect for little hands and that make drinking water a whole lot more exciting.

With a My Little Pony label for the girls and Transformer label for the boys (or vice versa – we don’t judge), the bottles are perfectly sized for the lunchbox, school bag or even mama’s handbag (because chances are you’ll be carrying their stuff as usual) and are ideal for avoiding spillages on the bedside table and middle-of-the-night dramas!

Ideal for every scenario from the beach to the playground, kids parties to car journeys the ‘Cute’ bottles come with an easy to open cap, don’t leak and won’t allow sand or other stuff in.

And once the bottle is empty? There’s no need to discard – it can be opened and refilled, used for teddy bear picnics or dolls tea parties – and eventually recycled. We love.

In our desert city with its crazy temperatures, hair-curling humidity and moisture sapping air conditioning, getting the kids to drink enough water is one of mamas most important tasks. Dehydration is a big no-no when it comes to children’s health and wellbeing, and thanks to Masafi we can make sure that our littlies are topped up and happy always.

Mission accomplished.

Masafi ‘Cute’ Bottles are available in all major retailers in the UAE.

Brought to you in partnership with Masafi

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