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A Girls Night Dinner Date At Catch

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Book A Table At Catch & Check Out Why Everyone Loves This Fabulous Dining Spot

Need a dinner option that’s guaranteed to be great?! These mamas checked out New York seafood restaurant Catch and loved it!

The occasion:

As 2 overworked mamas we were looking for a night of cocktails and conversation to unwind from a long and tedious week. We had wanted to try Catch Dubai for ages, as everyone who has been there had loved it. This meant we arrived both excited but sceptical, worried that its peak may have passed. I am delighted to say that Catch is still living up to the hype.


The Venue:

The room is exactly like New York’s Catch and is a portal that transports you to an uber-chic American world. With leather banquets, industrial lighting and quirky neon murals. The space is relaxed enough to wear jeans but interesting enough to go over-the-top if you fancy. While a big ambitious place, it is kept dark so you get a sense of intimacy and there are engaging and Instagram-worthy areas too! We particularly loved the punch bag in the restroom, which makes a wonderful prop for a staged photograph!


The vibe:

The staff were delightful, from the waitress to the sommelier. The ideal mix of knowledgeable, fun and friendly. Incredibly they have managed to retain the majority of staff from opening, which goes some way to explaining why everyone seemed so happy and capable. The mood is also maintained by the DJ who is so close that he can read the room and changes the tempo of the tunes as the night builds. We were wiggling in our seats and some people at the bar were salsa-ing, there seem to be no rules about how you must behave, which was liberating.


The Food:

The food is delicious. Really delicious. At one point we realised we had eaten a dish before we had photographed it, but in our defence it was so beautifully presented we just had to consume it immediately.  The menu at first glance looks like it might not work; sushi, big fish, big meat, tacos – an eclectic mix that is now commonplace but that can feel inauthentic. However the execution is so perfect at Catch that each dish stands alone and the whole feast worked. The hit me cake vanished in front of our eyes, cooking the wagyu on the rock was hilarious, the sea bass miso was buttery and tender and we could not speak during the crispy shrimp. Fresh, original and punchy: a foodies dream.


Room for improvement:

It is hard to think of improvements as we had such a lovely time. If pressed I would say the price. The food is sensational and I understand that comes at a cost, but to make this a place we would return to over and over again it would need to have a wider range of inexpensive options. This being said, having tried the caviar steak tartar we will have to have it every time we come as it made our knees weak – but at AED 195 – we might need a windfall.


What we loved:

We loved the attitude, it was unpretentious and welcoming. Our waitress was friendly, patient and chilled about our questions. Even sitting down with us to share suggestions, which could have been too friendly but we were curious and she generously spared us the time. The easy atmosphere allowed us to totally relax and enjoy (we were there for five hours and couldn’t believe it). Just the night we had hoped for. Thank you Catch Dubai.

Tel; 04 357 1755
Address: Catch Dubai, The Fairmont, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Opening hours 7pm-2am

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