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Sassy Mama Meets the Owners of Clarion School Opening in Dubai

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The new cool school on the block: Clarion School…

At Sassy Mama, we are all about raising kind, inquisitive, intelligent little people. We want to raise thinkers and doers, team-players and eager-learners. That’s right, mamas, it’s time to say goodbye to oversized textbooks and regurgitating memorised facts: Dubai is getting a brand new teaching style! Education that leads to a genuine core of knowledge, and cultivates a lasting love of learning? We’re sold.

In case you haven’t yet heard the talk of the town, there’s a new school on the block, and we are BIG fans. Clarion School is opening the doors to families of Dubai this September, and with their lush campus, and top tier teachers, comes their super-duper progressive curriculum. By allowing all students to find their individual way of working, they encourage the littles to discover their own methods for problem solving in the real world.

To get all the inside deets, we met with one of the lovely owners of Clarion school: Aparna Verma. Aparna’s passion for learning was clear through everything she said and did – just listening to her explain the school mission, made us want to enrol ourselves our kids. She made it clear that the institution was not being built as a 10 year business, but as a lifetime legacy, focusing on “learning in a deeper, richer, faster way”. Perfect.

Clarion completely gets that our little one’s interest should be the most important thing, so you can be sure that all head class teachers will be using their Masters in education to help the kiddos learn, remember and grow! Still looking for proof that their learning goes past books and laptops? The corridors are 18 feet wide (double the size of standard ones) with different learning stations set all along, so that education continues outside the classroom.

The entire school (from the inclusive American curriculum to the campus environment) has been designed to engage students, ignite their curiosity, and let them know that learning is a (fun!) lifelong journey. We love that they’ve adopted an educational approach that is used by the top private schools in the US, to offer Dubai kids a creative vehicle for a more meaningful understanding.

The main thing we learnt from meeting the owner of Clarion is that their space is providing so much more than a new school, it’s providing a new way of working, learning and living. In case you hadn’t guessed: we’re impressed.

Clarion School, Al Quoz 1 across from the St. Regis Hotel,

Brought to you in partnership with Clarion School

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