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Progressive Learning at Clarion School Dubai

Clarion School: Modern education in Dubai
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 Modern education for a modern world

Remember the days when kids were ‘seen and not heard’, when teachers were terrifying and school was scarily strict? Well, mamas, that’s just not the way it is these days. In fact ‘Progressive Education’ is the best way for the kiddos to flourish and learn and we know just the place for them to do so.

Clarion School is one of Dubai’s newest and most exciting schools with a mission to empower their pupils to become well rounded people with a life long love of learning. At Clarion, education goes well beyond the classroom – with beautiful learning spaces and outdoor play areas, an extensive library and range of multimedia opportunities, a method that develops critical thinking and creativity and a master’s degree qualified teaching staff who embody the Clarion values at its core.

In today’s world, we want our littles to know more than their ABC’s; we want them to be able to think for themselves, feel confident to take on new challenges and have the ability to empathise (SO important). At Clarion, the teachers, environment and approach to education come together to ignite curiosity and give children the best start in life through a deeper, richer and more meaningful way of learning. Their mission? Not to give your child the answer but rather enable them to discover it for themselves. We love.

Need to know a little more? Check out their fab little YouTube video to catch a glimpse of what we’re shouting about, or make an appointment to meet the team and visit the school at one of their open mornings every Monday to Thursday from 8:30-9:30am  and experience the magic of Clarion for yourself.

Whether you’re new to Dubai, looking to switch schools or thinking about your little nursery-goers’ future, Clarion School is one of the most forward thinking and impressive schools in our desert city. Curious? You should be.

Clarion School, Al Quoz 1 across from the St. Regis Hotel, Tel: +971 4-4073000,

Brought to you in partnership with Clarion School

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