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Schools in Dubai: Be Inspired By Inspire Nursery

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The OneTribe Multi-Cultural Programme Is One Of The Most Inspiring Nursery Offerings in Dubai

There’s more to a great nursery than fancy décor and academics – our little kiddos need to feel part of a special ‘tribe’ and to be exposed to a balance of activities that’ll help ignite imaginations and allow them to find what they really love in life!

At Umm Suqeim’s Inspire Nursery, they have all of this totally sorted. A caring, nurturing space where children are loved and taught through a mix of curriculum and activities – all spheres of learning and development are covered. The team here want to allow each petit pupil to enjoy as many multi-sensory activities as possible both during nursery hours and through extracurricular options. And these are no ordinary activities – Inspire’s OneTribe programme focuses on diversity and peace education, promoting multicultural awareness and self-esteem and including joyful daily and weekly rituals including an aboriginal ‘Talking Stone’ activity, world songs, Yoganory, Little Green Thumbs in the nursery’s Peace Garden and discovering world cuisines through Pots & Pans. We LOVE!

From arts and language to literature and food, every aspect of learning at Inspire promotes tolerance, peace, and emotional and social intelligence. And their extra-curricular activities – from Capoeira to soccer, ballet to swimming (in an indoor, temperature controlled pool) plus extra French language lessons and baby signing – are just the icing on the cake.

There are nurseries and then there are great nurseries, mamas, and anywhere that is loving, that promotes peace and multiculturalism and that allows the littles to learn through all sorts of multi-sensory activities gets a big thumbs up. Inspired? You should be! Check out the video to get a feel…

Book a tour of Inspire Nursery by calling +971 (0) 4-395 54753.

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