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The Bump: Liz Ashley Burrill

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We love celebrating the beauty of the bump and we’re back with another gorgeous mama-to-be! This time we’re talking to Liz Ashley Burrill about the magical moment she realised she was pregnant and her road to motherhood which has been paved with kimonos, cheese sandwiches and the amazing decision to keep the sex of her baby a secret until the big day. Liz’s baby boy or girl is set to make an appearance in August and we wish her and husband Ross (Virgin Radio’s ‘Big Rossi’) all the luck in the world. 


What was your reaction when you first found out you were pregnant?

I was super excited and couldn’t believe my eyes. We’d been doing pregnancy tests for a few months so when this one showed up positive, I was surprised but ecstatic.


Your funniest memory over the nine months?

When I did the pregnancy test Ross had already left for work so I kept the news secret all day! After work, ross picked me up and we went for a drink. I told him I had a present for him then presented him with a box which had some bibs inside saying ‘I love my daddy!’ His reaction was priceless!


Any great books and resources that you turn to for baby preparation?

As soon as I announced the pregnancy, a friend presented me with The Contented Little Baby by Gina Ford. She said it was a ‘lifesaver’ when her children were babies. I have read it and will try some bits out. We’re hoping that it helps with a good sleep routine, but not sure if that’s wishful thinking! I’ve also been reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which has been amazing to read about what’s happening month by month.


What was the easiest trimester and which one proved most difficult?

The second trimester was by far the easiest. Apart from my clothes getting a little snug, I had a burst of energy and sometimes forgot I was pregnant. The first and third were challenging in their own ways. The first, because I felt so lethargic and nauseous and we decided not to tell anybody until we were in the second trimester, so it was very difficult keeping it a secret – especially when people started to question us! The third trimester, now that I’ve been getting bigger and achier has proved difficult in the Dubai heat. However, now that my baby is growing, I absolutely love feeling it wriggle around.


Do you follow a fitness programme while pregnant?

I have attended weekly prenatal Pilates sessions at Real Pilates in JLT, this has been a great all over workout. I’ve also tried to go swimming once or twice a week, as I find being in the water really soothing… it takes the extra weight away for a while. Luckily, I’ve also been treated to a few maternity massages too. The one at Armani Spa was incredible…I fell asleep in the middle of it!


Any fashion tips and tricks for maternity dressing?

Day to day I embrace the burgeoning bump by wearing tight vests with a loose kimono. I love my maternity jeans which pull right up above my bump.. they’re so comfortable! I think I’ll find it hard to part with them! Recently as my bump has grown, I’ve bought a couple of maxi dresses which have helped keep me cool in the heat.


What have you struggled with most since being pregnant?

I’ve struggled with not being able to eat my favourite soft blue cheese.. cambozola as well as runny egg yolks and a glass or two of bubbly!


What kind of delivery are you hoping for?

Obviously I would love a natural birth, but our little baby is breech. I’m gearing myself up for a C section, unless the baby performs some last minute acrobats!


Name a mama you find inspiring and why?

My mum inspires me! She has had several challenges thrown her way in life and she always remains so positive. She is the strongest, kindest and funniest lady I know and I hope I am half the mother she is!


What are your thoughts about finding out the sex in advance?

I always thought I would have to find out the sex, but I have surprised myself. Ross didn’t want to know so I thought I would resist the urge for as long as I could. Eight months later,  I am so pleased I resisted, as I can’t wait to have the biggest surprise of my life in a few weeks time! Im so excited for Ross to be the one to tell me in the delivery suite.

Did it take you some time getting pregnant or were you one of those mamas who got lucky on the first try?

We were quite lucky as it didn’t take too long. It has always been a dream of mine to have a baby so I’m so relieved that we were able to have a baby so soon. It is such a precious gift!


Any local businesses that make your pregnancy journey easier?

Mama’s Box do wonderful gift boxes for mamas to be. I received one during my eighth month and it made me cry. There’s a letter inside written as if it’s from the baby, then the box is filled with lots of fantastic gifts for both mummy and baby. I think husbands need to find out about these boxes then deliver one every month of the pregnancy! Kcal has also been great at delivering healthy meals when energy levels have been low. Ross and I have also really enjoyed attending antenatal classes at Health Bay Polyclinic. The sessions have been informative, reassuring and fun!

Did you or do you have any weird and wonderful cravings?

Throughout the first trimester, all I could eat was cheese sandwiches! Sometimes, I would have a cheese sandwich for lunch then again for dinner. Thankfully, that craving has stopped and in this final trimester I have had an ice cream craving. I always knew I wouldn’t be one of these ladies who crave celery or cucumber sticks!


Where will you be having your baby and who is your OBGYN?

I will be giving birth at Mediclinic City Hospital and my obgyn is Dr Britt Clausson. From the moment we met her, I knew she was the right doctor for us. She has a calming nature and has made me feel comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy.
Photos by the fantastic Natalie Robinson of Natalie Robinson Photography.

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