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Want to lose weight & eliminate toxins? Try the Lyashi Dome

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The Lyashi Dome Is Perfect For Helping Lose That Pesky Extra Weight (Yes Please, Mama!)

It all started when I ‘accidentally’ bought a too small dress in the ASOS sale (it was a bargain and they’d sold out of my actual size). The dress arrived and it was love at first sight except for the minor detail that it was so tight that I couldn’t sit, walk or breathe in it. Determined to wear it out for dinner that night and I decided to try a session in the Lyashi Dome at L’Atelier Aquafitness center on Al Wasl.


 The Lyashi Dome is a Japanese treatment which uses infrared therapy to raise the core body temperature producing a deep detoxifying sweat, eliminating up to 1200ml of water along with heavy metals and other toxins. Apparently, this is the same amount of sweat generated during a 20 km run. I haven’t run 20km in my entire life, much less one go, so I’ll have to take their word on that but anything that burns up to 600 kcal in 30 minutes while you’re lying down is a winner as far as I’m concerned! Other benefits of the treatment include increased blood circulation and skin toning which reduces cellulite and has an anti-aging effect, as well as overall relaxation. I was in!

I jumped on the scales before the treatment and drank a glass of water to ensure I was hydrated enough then I climbed in and the dome was turned on. My head remained out and as the temperature increased it felt like my body was in a sauna. I like being hot so I found it quite enjoyable and even dozed off for a few minutes. After 15 minutes I was instructed to turn over to lie on my back and the temperature was turned up. At this point, I was really dripping and while it was now too hot to nap, at no point was I uncomfortable.

At the end of the session I was weighed again and I had lost a kilo. I definitely felt leaner and was very relaxed. I know that my immediate weight loss was due to fluid but given how many women in Dubai suffer from bloating due to water retention it’s a useful quick fix if you ever fall prey to a too small dress or want a little confidence boost before a special occasion.


As with most treatments, the results of the Lyashi Dome are best achieved with multiple sessions and when combined with healthy eating and exercise as it accelerates other weight loss efforts. It is most effective after exercise as the cells will already be open allowing for maximum detoxification so it’s handy that you can do it directly following an on site aquafitness session. I haven’t tried that yet but definitely, will. And that night the dress (just about) fit!

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