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Mama-to-be pampering with The Nail Spa

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The Nail Spa now offers a special package for “Mummy to Be” to get a little pampering and relaxation during the very wonderful, but also very exhausting, weeks of pregnancy. I got to try this fabulously indulgent session from The Nail Spa last week, and it was a real treat! Definitely came out rested! Maybe even a little too mellow to keep up with the rest of the day…but hey I have an excuse, I am a working mama with another on the way so it felt good to get a little ‘me time’.


The Nail Spa recently had a bit of a revamp, the Mercato branch looked stylish and inviting, the lighting is soft and the atmosphere is calm. The staff are super friendly and professional and they’ll always try to accommodate walk-ins for a quick mani or pedi if there’s space. The place is just busy enough to give it a good urban vibe without being stressful or overwhelming.

My “Mummy to be Be” session started with The Bee Sting Facial which was soft, relaxing and brought a healthy glow to my skin, thanks to the therapist gentle but firm touch and the use of Heaven by Deborah Mitchell products, a range of organic skincare produced to be in perfect harmony with nature whilst also combining the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology. The Bee Venom Mask is a unique product that has been specially created using natural and organic ingredients that work in synergy for an instant anti-ageing effect. Containing Manuka Honey, renowned for its soothing and healing properties, it also contains the magic Bee Venom ingredient that works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming (a sort of botox in a jar!). Overall, a really pleasant and soft treatment. Not a deep cleaning treatment but more like a soothing, moisturizing and rejuvenating facial that  was deeply relaxing and the perfect start to the session.


I proceeded to the next room for a waxing session using a new (apparently less painful) depilatory wax. Available exclusively at The Nail Spa, Cirepil, also known as “Happy Wax”, is the ultimate ‘no double-dipping’ non-strip wax for the whole body. My expectations were high! When I heard less painful, I understood painless, well let me tell you mama it was NOT! YES, it is probably less painful – it’s difficult to judge because when pregnant the skin is more sensitive to pain – but the therapist explained that the real benefit of this wax is that it ensures that hair is pulled directly from the root, which means no breakage. The benefit of this is that the hair takes longer to grow back and there is much less chance of any ingrowing hair. Definitely a bonus!! And I loved the post application of Cirépil Jasmin oil to protect the skin and reduce post-waxing redness or sensitivity.

The treatment concluded with a French Manicure & Aromatherapy Indulgence for the hands and French Pedicure & Hot Wrapper using PerfectSense® Paraffin for the Feet. I picked lavender oil to melt away tensions, relax aching muscles and stimulate circulation. I was a bit nervous about massage while being pregnant but again the therapists were professional and understood what was appropriate.

While I fully enjoyed my nail treatments I was also spoiled with a very good Back & Neck Stress Buster massage. The pressure and stroke were perfect. I totally switched off and felt its benefits for the rest of the day – bliss!

The full session lasted nearly 3 hours and 30 minutes and cost AED 884. It is the ultimate treat for mamas-to-be and would make a fab baby shower gift! 

The Nail Spa, Mercato Mall, Telephone: (+971) (0) 4 349 7766, 

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