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Mama’s Maternity Must-Haves

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As my due date draws closer, I thought I’d share a quick run down on a few of the things that this expectant mama has not been able to do without this pregnancy

  1. Maternity pillow

Don’t underestimate the value and comfort of a good maternity pillow. I bought mine early on and haven’t looked back since – it’s allowed me many nights of far more comfortable sleep than I’d have been able to expect otherwise. I bought a big C shaped one that supports my head and neck as well as the bump, and with a bit to put between my knees too which has been essential for keeping my back in a good position, allowing me to fully relax and take pressure off any sore spots as I sleep. The pillows can also be used post delivery for breastfeeding, though I’m so fond of mine now I’m not sure I’ll be willing to give it up! You can get all different shapes and sizes of maternity pillows in most maternity and baby stores but do shop around as some of them can be pricey.

Mama’s Maternity Must-Haves

  1. A good body oil

In my efforts to do my best to forgo the effects of stretch marks as long as possible, a decent body oil has been one of my absolute must haves. I’ve slathered my mid section in it morning and night and any other time I’ve started to notice that stretchy itch feeling on my belly. I’m keen to avoid putting any nasties on my skin so my absolute favourites have both been natural options.

I found Izil Multipurpose Argan Oil (available at Dubai Festival City, Souk Madinat Jumeirah and Delma Mall) to be a daily dose of decadence – it melts into my skin like butter and leaves it feeling so soft and beautifully smooth. My other favourite has been Human + Kind Body Oil – again all natural with no nasties and the smell of this oil is just divine! You can grab it at Boots. Both oils leave my skin feeling great and absorb well so there’s no need to worry about any yucky oily marks on clothes that some oils can leave behind.

  1. Well fitting, comfortable shoes

I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve read about the importance of good shoes in pregnancy and I can say from experience that I now understand just how necessary it is. After recently finding myself in the unfortunate position of being overcome by a sudden bout of painful and most inconvenient cramp in both feet and having no choice but to uncomfortably limp around barefoot in the middle of a rather swanky corporate do, all caused by shoes that looked pretty but that should have stayed at home – read my words ladies, you have been warned!

Mama’s Maternity Must-Haves

  1. Heartburn remedy

I seem to have been plagued with heartburn on and off right from very early on in my pregnancy and of course as I near closer to my due date, the discomfort only seems to intensify. I’ve been pleased to find that two of my favourite cravings have been cited as having curative properties for my ailment – dill pickle juice and vanilla ice cream! Separately, not together I must add – but for whatever strange reason, these do seem to work for me. Of course, I’m doing my best to stick to the dill pickles and their juice more frequently than the ice cream, though I could not possibly confirm or deny how successful I’ve been on that! 😉

Top image sourced via Pinterest, image #1 sourced via Human + Kind, image #2 sourced via Pinterest

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