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Melodica: the Best Music Classes in Dubai for Kids

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Music Classes For Kids

As we approach the start of a new school year (are we more than half way through the holidays already?!), a lot of us mamas will be turning our attentions to our kids’ extra curricular activities for the next term.  From sports to dance, creative arts to performing martial arts, there are so many clubs out there but where is our go-to for supporting kids with a love of music?


Its been said that children benefit hugely from being surrounded by music (developing confidence, improving concentration and building creativity), especially at a young age, so we made it our mission to find you the best Sassy-approved music institute, so your little ones can get a head start in that area.  Introducing (to those that don’t know it already!), Melodica Music Center that was founded three years ago and offers the best music classes in Dubai.  With three locations now, Melodica comes very highly recommended, so we went to find out why.


The first thing you notice when you walk into any Melodica music center is the signature canary yellow colour and the piano keyboard reception.  On exploration, you will discover music rooms where 30 music teachers reside and spacious studios for dance too.  What’s more, in the front of the music center you will find a selection of second hand Yamaha pianos from Japan, beautiful guitars and ukuleles all for sale at reasonable prices and some gorgeous kids gear, from pink tutus to karate outfits.


With my eldest being five years old, we decided to try a few lessons to get the inside scoop.  The suggested starting age at Melodica is 5 years old, earlier than that and you will probably be wasting your cash (unless you have an aspiring Mozart or Chopin in the family of course!) and we were advised to choose the piano, violin or ukulele (a four string mini guitar convenient for tiny fingers), the ideal instruments for little keen music lovers, desperate to begin early.  Older kids can also explore other instruments such as the saxophone, flute, recorder, and keyboard, all of which can be loaned for the lessons.


So why Melodica?  As I watched my child in her five beginner lessons (your first trial class is free by the way!), I began to see what these guys were all about.  Refreshingly, their ultimate commitment to their young students is to ensure the kids gain an appreciation of music.  They begin with important basics such as coordination, posture, rhythm and aural development, and they focus on a child feeling the keys and exploring the keyboard. We are talking about hand positioning, understanding soft/loud and long/short sounds and having fun.  They sing, play games and build trust with their students, even putting their artwork of their handprints on the walls with numbered figures.  At a young age they don’t encourage music reading until the child is ready.  The main focus is to discover and enjoy music, and the rest will follow.


The teachers at Melodica are all highly qualified with music degrees.  I even heard my daughter’s teacher playing Beauty and the Beast with such grace it brought a tear to my eye.  As a child grows in their ability, they introduce group theory lessons and expand the foundation that the child has built on.  They teach all ages and levels, with children sitting international exams and performing concerts when the time comes.  Melodica prioritise student growth and are committed to building on a child’s skill.  I will certainly be looking forward to my daughter’s piano recital in no time (wink wink!).

Melodica, in addition to its elite music offering, also boasts an impressive dance institute offering ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance and karate for kids, and a series of adult classes too, including ballet, belly dancing, yoga and by September by popular demand, barre classes that are all the rage at the moment.


Lucky Sassy Mama readers who purchase a music package in August, will receive 10% off.  Melodica is also kindly giving everyone Sassy reader a free membership in August and September (saving you 150 DHS!).  So get booking ladies, you (and your mini Beethoven’s) won’t regret it.

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