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Sassy Scoop: MyWishList.Ae – Mamas Ultimate Online Gift Registry

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141009-DXB-DCG-MYWISHLIST-V3Isn’t it about time we learnt that our husbands, friends and family are just never going to get it? That when they ask ‘what would you like for your birthday this year’ and we reply ‘oh just surprise me’ – what we actually mean is ‘haven’t you been getting any of my hints? I’ve had my eye on that holiday/diamond/handbag/painting’ so just go ahead and buy it!’

As much as we’d love for them to develop the psychic powers necessary to hit the gift target each time, it just ain’t gonna happen. This is where My WishList comes in. An online gift registry that curates products by various well-loved brands, the fabulous ladies behind My Wishlist will not only help mamas pick out whatever they want to receive but also make sure that this is communicated to those who need to know.

Weddings, baby showers, birthdays – you name it, they’ve got you covered – all you’ve got to do is let them know which of the hundreds of choices they offer you’d love to get your hands on, set up a gift registry and let them take care of the rest. My Wishlist is the ultimate way to shop for anyone feeling a little strapped for time and inspiration plus it takes away any embarrassment associated with receiving something you just can’t bring yourself to love (and then gushing about it through gritted teeth). Yup, this is a graceful way of getting what you want and without offending anyone. Don’t you just love that mamas?!

unnamed (2)Say goodbye to hubby’s last minute mad dashes around the mall (often accompanied by random purchases) and hello to romantic dinners, sensational spa treatments and exclusive escapes all available through My Wishlist. Your registry will also allow you to add products you love that aren’t featured on the site so there are no limits to what you could wish for and subsequently receive! Organising a baby shower? The company’s personal consultant will help you create and manage a list fit for any new bub or mama-to-be.

The funds collected in your account are converted into MyWishList gift vouchers that can be used for up to one year (perfect if you change your mind or aren’t quite sure of what you’re looking for). And the best part? The service is completely free of charge for you and those shopping for you plus your wish list can be accessed at any time of day from wherever you are (ideal for middle of the night musings about your gifts!) The magic happens via the wish list e-mail service that even allows you to send thank you cards for all those gorgeous gifts you’re getting.

Prepare to get spoiled and say goodbye to unwanted presents forever! It’s time you get what you want mama!

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