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The Great Big Milk Debate. We Shopped, We Tried, We Conquered.

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Why Koita Milk Is The Cleanest Tasting (& A Delicious 20% Discount!)

Milk. You want to buy organic but with all those brands and so little time to navigate the supermarket shelves, you usually end up with the generic stuff because, well, it’s just so much easier, right? Well, mamas, what if we told you that we’ve done some full on research and a whole lotta taste testing with the kiddos to find a solid winner and a milk that’s earned a permanent spot in our refrigerator.

Koita (you may have heard us waxing lyrical about it before…) is a homegrown brand of organic milk created by a very Sassy papa for whom good health, taste and sustainable methods are more important than making a quick buck. Kudos. And here’s why we love it.


First up, Koita organic milk is produced by very happy Italian cows who graze on lush green pastures near the Swiss Alps and yield a healthy product full of goodness. We’re talking 100% pure with zero stabilizerszero nasties, no growth hormones, no antibiotics, no toxic pesticides and no artificial preservatives – just plenty of happy vibes and a little extra boost with added vitamins A and D3 which are especially important for supporting growing bones and immune systems.

And as for taste? Yup, Koita gets that right too with a luxurious creamy clean taste that’s possible through a higher fat content (don’t be scared – this is GOOD FAT!) which is not only more natural but also loved by the whole fam – from our lattes to our cornflakes, in our baking and in lunch boxes (because there are cute mini versions of the milk with child-friendly twist caps to pack your kiddos off to school with), this supermilk can do it all.


Choose from lactose-free milk, organic regular milk, low fat milk or even chocolate milk designed by Italian chocolate connoisseurs (um, yes please), or go for buzzy dairy alternatives including Soy and Organic Almond – there’s even a cooking cream that’ll guarantee a mean spaghetti carbonara. All of the milk comes packaged up in cartons made from 100% recyclable tetra-pack so if, like us, you’re keen to cut down on plastic – this is the way to do it. And because Koita has a much longer shelf life, you can buy gallons of it at a time instead of constantly replacing what’s in your fridge. Perfecto!

Sound good? We think so – happy cows, pure goodness, sustainable packaging and a brand ethos that’s all about what’s best for our growing kids – you really can’t get much better than that. You see, mamas, not all organic milks are created equal and now you’ll know which one to head for during your supermarket dash.


Koita is available in over 7 countries. In the UAE, the milk is stocked with almost every major retailer, including: Carrefour, Spinney’s, Choitrams and Waitrose. You can also buy online at or call the Koita Milkman (these guys really have thought of everything!) for free delivery to your home.

Enter “SASSY20P” coupon code on your website order for a very delicious 20% discount on all milk before 14 May, 2018

This post is brought to you in with Koita milk.

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