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It’s Organic, Don’t You Know?

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It’s Organic, Don’t You Know?

It’s the buzzword of the moment, but why should you make the switch? Sassy Mama and Mini Exchange give you the lowdown…

Long gone are the days when the ‘Organic’ tag just belonged to pretty fruit and veg. Nowadays it’s a booming industry spanning every aspect of our lives; from beauty and health to food and even household.

Let’s face it, we all want to be part of the Organic club. It just fits so nicely with our wholesome ‘body like a goddess, hair like a supermodel, total #mamaboss ruling life’ aspirations!

That said, you’re probably already using Organic products without really realising. Think about it… that lush smelling hand cream in your bag? Probably Organic. Your favourite brand of baby food? Well known and loved for its organic messaging.

See, you’re practically a closet Organic fanatic! But, why should you look at going Organic in the first place? Sure, it’s a buzzword which will give you kudos, but what are the actual benefits to making the switch? We’re so glad you asked…

  1. No Added Nasties: This one is huge when it comes to feeding you and your family. Baby food with no added additives or preservatives are now the go-to choice for mums with Rudolfs and Nurturme leading the way with wholesome options.
  2. The Skin Factor: This one is a no brainer; Organic products aren’t made up of the chemicals found in traditional cosmetics. Your skin therefore is treated to a purer experience that won’t aggravate you in the long run.
  3. It’s Environmentally Friendly: There’s so much to consider with every beauty purchase we make today, especially if we’re eco-conscious. Organic beauty alleviates some of these concerns- no chemicals going down the drain with every use, natural ingredients sourced from eco-suppliers and if the packaging is recyclable too, then you are a true eco Mama.
  4. Better for Animals & You: Organic produce is treated to a higher standard of living with a closely regulated diet, which ultimately means your end product is cleaner, leaner and better for you. Happy animal = happy you.
  5. Improve Your Health: Pesticides are, on the one hand a necessary evil to allow large scale farming production, however the downside is the ample amounts ending up in our food. This can, when exposed to large doses over time, encourage weight gain and even diabetes. Always read the label. 

Want to try out some of Organic faves?

Check out the top picks from Mini Exchange

baby food

Baby Food

Nurturme Quinoa & Apple Cereal Baby Food 104g 34 AED

Rudolfs Organic Puree Rice Porridge With Wild Berries 190g 20 AED

organic products

organic products

Baby Products

Tiddley Pom Organic Nappy Balm 50ml 65 AED

Four Cow Farm Baby Lotion 125ml 53 AED

household organic products

Household and Lifestyle

Bentley Organic Washing Up Liquid Citrus Twist 500ml 21 AED

Detox Delight Organic Herbal Tea 130 AED

skin care productsSkincare

Hollybeth Organics Hair & Body Silk 118.29ml 290 AED

Balanced Guru Organic Baobab Cocoa & Sheer Butter 4oz 135 AED

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