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Indoor Fun: A Mess Free Painting Activity By Little Miracles

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A Fun Indoor Art Activity To Keep Your Kids Busy & Having Fun

IDK Little Miracles is a new monthly service set up by mama Victoria who was inspired by her little girl to create something which would not only give her the best start in life but also allow them to spend magical moments together (check out her super cute instagram page @idk_littlemiracles). With an NVQ in Children’s Care, Learning and Development, Victoria now offers monthly planned activities that are personally designed to fit in around your families, time and lifestyle. Many of us don’t have the time to plan these activities or don’t have the expertise, knowledge or imagination for what’s most suited for the kids – and this is where Victoria can help. You’ll be guided on how to have fun with your little ones and how to create time for the most important part of your life, your family.

monthly subscription art activities

How it works?

For AED 90 a month Victoria will send you 4 planned activities designed solely for your family, each with four sections including what you’ll need, instructions, full overview and guided duration time. For more details, email

Sounds amazing right? We’re all for supporting mama businesses and this is one we’re definitely trying over the hot summer months! Want to try it out? This mess-free (yup, mess free!) painting activity below is the perfect start.

Little Miracles indoor painting mess free

Resources required:

  • Large clear plastic sealable bag
  • Washable paint
  • Sellotape / sticky tape / duck tape

Benefits from this activity:

  • Children learn to explore textures by themselves.
  • If your child does not like messy play, this is a great way to introduce paint.
  • Encourages your child to write.
  • Fun way to learn.
  • It is calming and soothing and provides relaxation, whilst having lots of fun.


Step by Step guide

Step 1 – Add a few different colored blobs of washable paint in to the large clear plastic sealable bag.

Step 2 – Remove air from the bag you can do this by pressing this out, seal the bag and line it with duck tape or sellotape to ensure there will be no leakages.

Step 3 – Tape the bag to a window (this is my favorite choice), table, highchair or floor.
As always, supervise your baby during this activity and do not leave unattended with a bag.

Step 4 – Once you have introduced this activity to your child, they will then begin to explore by moving the paint around the bag, by doing so the colors will then begin to mix quit quickly.
You can encourage your child to start writing on the paint bag, this is a great way to help a child learn spellings, numbers and sums.

If you would like your child to create a piece of art work from this activity, simply put a piece of paper (different shaped paper is a nice idea) in the sealed bag and when you add the paint blobs add this on to the paper, when the child moves the paint around it will move all over the paper. When your child is finished, carefully remove the paper and leave to dry. You will then have a great memory from this activity. I always date and mark the currant age on the work my child creates as I think it is nice to look back and I will know how old they were when they created that particular piece.

This activity is also nice for a baby/toddler, it is a great way for them to explore.

Guided duration time – 20 Minutes (however can be kept on the window, high chair or table for the duration of the day if supervised).

We hope you enjoy this activity just as much as you we do. Don’t forget if you take any pictures please email them to us to as we would love to see how much fun you all had.

Hero image sourced via Instagram handle of IDK Little Miracles.

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