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Join Oaktree Primary School for some FREE fun at Bounce!

Join Oaktree Primary School for some FREE fun at Bounce
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Al Quoz is the coolest place to be in Dubai

One of our very favourite areas in Dubai? Al Quoz – bursting with cool art spaces, cafés and now a soon-to-open primary school that’s got mamas chatting. Oaktree Primary School is all set to welcome little students from FS1 to Yr4 in September 2016 and to offer a unique approach that encourages the individual talents of each child while following the British Curriculum.

Sound good? Definitely. And with small class sizes and an emphasis on teaching kiddos how to overcome real world obstacles (because frankly all that algebra might be good for the brain but how many times have we actually had to use it?!), this fab school is all about making sure that your little ones get to the top of the ladder (or tree!).

To celebrate their imminent opening and give you more of an idea about why you should enroll, Oaktree Primary School would love to invite you and your kiddos to another of our fave Al Quoz spots – Bounce – for an afternoon of free trampoline fun and the chance to find out more about what the school will offer on Tuesday, 24 May from 4pm – 5pm.

So if you’re looking for a primary school place for your kidlets and think that Oaktree sounds as fab as we do then visit and register for the free Bounce session and the opportunity to meet the team!

You know what they say mamas, ‘mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow’ – and with plenty of love and care we’re confident that your little acorns will flourish at Oaktree (and will love a bit of a Bounce around too!).

All the details

What: Free Bounce Session
When: Tuesday, 24 May, 4-5pm
Where: Bounce, Building #32, 4B Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
RSVP: To register visit

Brought to you in partnership with Oaktree Primary School

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