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The Sassy Mama Fitness Challenge: Sofia Gets Back On The Bike With FlyWheel

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Spinning was all the rage back in the late 90s and early 2000 and just like everyone else I wanted in on the action. The word on the street had it down as the most efficient way to lose weight and increase your fitness. Needless to say – I was sold. And for a couple of years I was a loyal follower, had my own spinning shoes and felt pretty cool.

Then kids, lack of sleep and whatever (yeah, you know…) got in the way and my spinning gear started collecting dust in my wardrobe. Until last week, when I was introduced to FlyWheel. I’d call it spinning for the 21st century, for lack of even more cheesy epithets…


So what’s changed on the spinning scene for the past 10 years (apart from my figure and fitness level)? Well, I have to say the FlyWheel people have really nailed it. Because one of the things I always struggled with back in the early spinning day was the overall efficiency of the workout. With cycling being such an individual sport, I was always secretly wondering if that fit and annoying little thing next to me was spinning away because she hadn’t added any resistance on her bike. (Oh yeah, I spent many spinning classes suspecting the majority of the class of all sorts of things.)

But a FlyWheel class leaves you with no need to conduct your own investigation as on each bike there’s a little display showing two things; the Torq (resistance) and the RPM(your actual speed). The instructor will tell you where you should be at all times, as well as whether you should stand up or sit down. So much easier than before, but also so much more challenging. Now they can train you down to the last drop, great


Your Torq and RPM combined gives your overall performance which is displayed on a screen at the front of the room. Yes, you all heard me mamas. It’s called the Torqboard and the top 10 bikers’ names will be visible at all times – check it out in the top left corner above! For a slightly (disturbingly) competitive mama like myself, this meant serious business. I biked (span?) like my beach body depended on it. No way was my name going to drop off that screen for the entire 50 minute class! And guess what? It didn’t! Hahahaha, looooosers! Oh wait, it’s not polite to be openly competitive.

Now, if you’re in the market for some serious cardio that gives great results without hurting your knees (the beauty of sitting down on bikes), you need to hit up FlyWheel mamas. It’s totally worth the slightly sore bum. Promise!

Psst… I want to see your name on that screen next time – obviously below mine.

FlyWheel, Gold & Diamond Park, Building 7, Al Quoz, (+971) (0)4 338 9409,

FlyWheel, Burj Views, West Tower, Ground Level, (+971) (0)4 423 2544,

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