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The Sassy Mama Guide to Toddler-proofing your Home

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There’s nothing we value more than our kiddo’s safety. We gate the stairs, cushion sharp corners, plug-in wall sockets and pad out the floors to keep them from danger. If your curious little people are on the move then it’s time to check out our mini guide to toddler-proofing your home, mamas! Of course it goes without saying that no product substitutes for supervision – but those clever babies are stronger and faster than you think so a few steps to making your home safer will help keep them out of trouble!

Toddler-proof bathroom sink


Get your bathroom ship shape and safe for bathing.

First things first – get all those meds safely locked away and out of reach (pills just look too temptingly like sweeties). We love Ikea’s simple trygghet medicine cabinet that can be hung on the wall or used as a lockable storage box in a cupboard or on a shelf or Next’s range of mirrored cabinets – perfect for storing all those essentials and looking good in the process.
We want to encourage our tots to love the toilet (there’s only so many nappies we can take, right mamas?) – but when they insist on putting everything they can find inside the bowl, or indeed ‘washing’ their hands in the water – a toilet lock is the only answer. From pretty basic to fancy shmancy, B-Safe have 3 options to make sure that your little ones use the toilet for only the right reasons.

And then there’s bath-time – keep it fun and safe with an anti-slip mat to keep little bottoms in place – Ikea’s crocodile shaped mat is not only a bargain but super cute to boot and we completely adore the anti-slip bath shapes at Just Kidding – elephants, giraffes, monkeys – the kids will love sharing their bath with a few jungle companions. Banish bath-time bumps on the faucet with

Skip Hop’s moby bath spout cover available at Bumble Bee – fits snugly on most tub spouts and with a tail that’s also a handy hook, allowing him to hang around when bath time’s done.


Transitioning from a cot to a big bed can mean one thing (0ther than surprise visits in the middle of the night) – yup, we mean the occasional tumble from out of the duvet and onto the floor. The best way to prevent this? A bed-guard…

Many of the toddler beds will come with their own but if you need to invest then try Ikea’s Vikare guard rail that fits all children’s beds and cots with straight 18-25 mm thick bed rails or cot sides, Amazon’s fold-down single bed rail (in pink, blue or white) or Babyshop’s Tomy pink and blue bedrails that fit all divan or slatted mattress bases and Just Kidding’s BabyDan Wooden Bed Rail which costs a little more but looks good! We also love the Babyhome side bed rail at The Baby Boutique which not only comes in lots of colours (and not the usual sickly pink and blue) but also with its own nifty travel bag that’s perfect for all those staycations…

toddler-proof corners

Corners & Edges

A few bumps are inevitable but help soften the blow by cushioning those sharp corners and edges.

Ikea’s Patrull corner bumpers need to be stuck on (and left uninterrupted for 24 hours) to do their job well – available in black or white, they look like little hand prints and are a cheap and effective option. Think those little hands will be too tempting for your little’s hands? Try Mumzworld for simple corner guards  and edge guards  – ok they may make everything look a little ugly for a while but at least your kiddos will remain beautifully unscathed! And if aesthetics are a priority then try Amazon’s patterned corner guards  in coffee or white – a little bit of shabby chic and a whole lot of protection.

this month we're loving privilee


Delicate little people and hard tiled floors aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Create a safe and fun play space for your tots with a little padding.

Bumpa Mats – one of our absolute mama must-haves these gorgeous mats have recently winged their way over from Australia and are fast becoming Dubai’s most sought after kiddie accessory. One side is patterned to look like a stylish rug (think Pottery Barn – in a variety of colours) while the other shows a play scene/car track in pink or blue that’ll keep your kids comfy as they play. Whether you’ve got a dedicated toy-zone or a little corner in the kitchen, flip it over when they want to play and then back again when you need a little adult space. Genius.

Interlocking Floor Mats: Available at Toys R Us or ACE Hardware these huge mats are many a mama’s go-to for adding floor padding. Available in a variety of colours they’re durable, easy to clean and can be cut to size if you have an odd-shaped space.

Carpet: For some of us, good ol’ fashioned carpet is the only option for making your house a home and your floors safe for little ones.  Mostafawi Stores is the place to go – they have a huge range of every colour and thickness plus can create rugs of any size by binding carpet edges.


The heart of the home but full of potential hazards (hot ovens, sharp knives and chemicals galore). Make your kitchen kiddo proof with a few simple steps.

Yes, you can tell them not to touch – but all those oven knobs are just too irresistible for our little explorers. Stove knob covers from B-Safe will stop any twiddling and fiddling while the Clevamama oven door lock at Mumzworld will make sure that door stays firmly shut. Got an oven that gets ridiculously hot on the outside? Their transparent oven door guard will reduce the temperature by over 50% – meaning you can cook up a storm with a little peace of mind.

If you can’t put cleaning products and chemicals well out of reach then lock up your cupboards with child-proof systems that should (ahem) be easy enough for adults to get in but that will make sure the teenies keep out. Ditto with drawers – whether they’re housing knives, matches or cutlery – Ikea, Baby Shop, Toys R Us – most of the usual suspects sell cupboard locks of all kinds but our best find has been Safety 1st’s Magnetic Cabinet & Drawer Latches from Amazon – they even have some that require no drilling (perfect if trying to get the hubby to do any DIY just takes too long!).

baby proof - stairs


Unguarded stairs are enough to keep any mama awake at night – and for good reason. Whether you want to stop them going up or down, a stair-gate is the answer.

Not keen on the pre-made options or got an awkward staircase or space? Al Jumeirah Carpentry can whip up a stairgate to suit – and will stain or paint it in any colour you want, making it blend seamlessly – safe and stylish all in one.
Telephone: Mr Aslam (+971 )4 338 3231, (+971) 50 652 7994

Need a quick option? head to Swedish superstore Ikea for a variety of white stair gates in various sizes. Both the drill and non-drill variety are available (perfect if you have a landlord who’s keen to hold onto your deposit or if you want to move the gate around the house). Too easy.

And then there’s the new Kiddygard Avant baby gate at Bumble Bee – sleek, modern, ergonomic (all the stuff that baby gates usually aren’t) – plus almost invisible when not in use and with no threshold to trip over (yes, we’ve all done that).

Sill haven’t found what you’re looking for? Mumzworld has a huge range of clever stair gates guaranteed to keep even the most determined little escape artists in (or out) and available in different materials/colours – or try Baby Shop (their stores aren’t always very well stocked but there are a few options online), Toys R Us and Just Kidding for options to suit any door frame or stair case.

And to stop those teeny people slipping through too-wide banisters or in fact attempting to climb them – go for the Cardinal Gates Banister Shield (a durable, shatterproof clear sheet of plastic that comes with everything you need to get it fixed onto your banister) or get a piece of ply or perspex to size and have it safely attached (ACE Hardware stock plexiglass and Acrylic sheets and a good DIY company such as Jim’ll Fix It will help you get it all fixed up).

Toddler-proof pool

Swimming Pools

If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool then make sure your little ones can only access it during supervised swim times

PoolLock is a fab company that provides safety covers for all types of swimming pool, whether you’ve got a plunge or Olympic style version.

Think a fence is enough to keep your mini people away from the water? Think again mamas. Gates can be left open and we all know what great climbers our curious little adventurers can be. A proper pool cover – and we’re talking the ULTIMATE completely kiddo proof type – is the only way to really keep your mind at ease and your children protected. PoolLock is a fab company that provides safety covers for all types of swimming pool, whether you’ve got a plunge or Olympic style version. Super easy to use, the automatic cover is operated by turning a key switch – zero hassle and fuss and super easy to use. Once the pool is closed and the key is removed, the swimming pool is 100% safe and there is absolutely NO access to water – and as mamas we like things that are mega safe right?


Open windows and little kids = a big no no. Whether you’re living in an apartment block or a villa, make sure that your windows are secure and that your babes can’t climb up and out.

Whether you’re looking for window locks, guards or latches, B-Safe in Times Square Mall has them all and it’s well worth a visit to the store (the UAE’s first comprehensive child safety retail space) for advice on all your safety needs.

Consider using cordless blinds or get your blind cords tidied away to prevent your little monkeys from swinging on them – the Dreambaby blind cord wind-ups come in a pack of 2 at Just Kidding and are super cheap and easy to use

… And remember, don’t let them watch you unlocking anything – these little people are very, very clever!


So there you have it mamas, a few simple ways to make sure that your homes remain happy and safe for your family! 

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