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Sassy Mama’s Top 5 Xmas DIYs

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Whether you have a little extra time on your hands with the kiddos this year, want to make your gifts more personal, or simply want to add a crafty edge to your Christmas decorations, there’s nothing quite like getting down with a spot of DIY. We’ve got five craft ideas perfect for those who want to give an extra special something to the people they love, plus, they’re simple enough for munchkin to lend a helping hand!

DIY snowglobe

DIY Snowglobe
This DIY is a deceptively easy project that spells plenty of fun with bubs with a fab keepsake at the end. Every household has leftover jars so, it’s time to put those glass goodies to use and create some shimmery winter magic with these festive snow globes. Even if you don’t have a spare jar hanging around the pad, you can pick up everything you need from homeware stores and one-stop shops such as Daiso. Check out how easy the tutorial is by clicking, here, mama!

Sassy Mama's Top 5 Xmas DIYs

DIY Finger-painted wrapping paper
For those super-organised mamas who already have gifts galore prepared, why not go the extra mile and personalise the wrapping paper with a bit of family festivity? Finger painting is a great arts ‘n crafts activity for kiddos to get their hands dirty while being creative and having fun. We love this snowman print because it’s easy to make and ties in perfectly with family-fave Frozen. Grab some plain blue wrapping paper, white paint, a couple of Sharpies and get to work, mama. No need to build a snowman when you can paint an army of them!

Sassy Mama's Top 5 Xmas DIYs

DIY Paper Snowflakes
While sadly it’s true that we don’t get to have a white Christmas in Dubers, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring that fuzzy festive feeling home, DIY-style. Simply stock up on coffee filters and snip away with the little one to create beautiful snowflakes that can be stuck on the windows. Now it’ll look like it’s snowing all day long…

Sassy Mama's Top 5 Xmas DIYs

DIY Pipe Cleaner Ornaments
Pipe cleaners and beads, that’s how easy this DIY is, mama! Sit down with munchkin and make adorable ornaments to hang on the tree and around the pad. From candy canes to wreaths and twisted “icicles”, these DIYs are guaranteed hours of creative fun! Plus, they make cute pressies from the kiddos for family and friends.

Sassy Mama's Top 5 Xmas DIYs

Hot Chocolate in a Jar
This is literally the easiest DIY in the world. Pick up a box of cute mason jars, some marshmallows and hot chocolate mix for an adorable creation your friends can cuddle up with on Christmas Eve. You can even add crushed candy canes that not only look gorgeous but add a delicious taste. Spray paint the lid a festive colour and personalise with a little message; really, where could you go wrong with this gift?

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