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Sassy Scoop: Horrible Histories’ Barmy Britain comes to Dubai!

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History at school can feel like a chore – all those dates, kings, battles – ugh! Well mamas, inspire your school kiddos with a date at the Madinat theatre for Barmy Britain Part 2, a Horrible History of Britain with all the gory bits left in! Yup, just mention that part and watch the interest levels rise – then get them to the theatre and we can guarantee that this is one history lesson they’ll never want to end. The show asks the audience to join its cast on a journey – can you beat battling Boudicca? Has William Wallace met his match? Can evil Elizabeth entertain England? Will King Charles keep his head? All before inviting them (by now captivated) to ‘move to the groove with party Queen Victoria’ whose rap is worth buying a ticket for alone. Featuring an imaginative and curiosity-provoking take on the past, Barmy Britain Part 2 comes to Dubai with Art For All (leaders in educational stage shows for children) after its hugely successful stint in London’s West End and is part of the Horrible Histories series of shows – adapted from the international bestselling books by Terry Deary (if you haven’t got into those yet mamas – you must!)


This is an animated history of Britain complete with gruesome gore and foul facts (you know, all the stuff that kids love and that’s certain to capture their attention), bringing characters from the past to life and injecting a bit of fun into learning – because mamas, amongst all that barmy-ness – some historical truths are bound to sink in.

Expect flamboyant acting, a panto-esque approach and a lot of laughter (even from you mama – yes, this is definitely one for the grown ups too with plenty of gags aimed at little and large ears alike) but also a few serious moments where our little students are reminded of what’s gone on and how this has helped shape the world today.


Not only is the Madinat’s kid-friendly theatre the perfect location for making a standard school subject super cool but this is also a fab family outing where mamas (and papas) get to revisit their learning days and share a lesson with the littles – plus a little acting on stage might stop some acting up at home (or in class).

Don’t just take our word for it mamas, there are tickets for Barmy Britain Part 2 ready to be snapped up for the final weekend show (don’t worry if you never saw Part 1 –there’s no timeline to remember or be tested on). So book now…. and the rest is history!

Show times are as follows:
20th November 4pm
21st November 11am and 4pm
22nd November 2pm and 4pm

Tickets are AED 100 – 135.

Book online via For more information visit

Brought to you in partnership with Art For All

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