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Tried and Tested: A Couple’s Digital Detox Massage at Sensasia’s Urban Spa

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Massage For Mama & Papa Too!

It’s a well documented fact that I really dislike massage. I appreciate I’m in the minority here but I find it painful and boring. In fact it’s right up there with musical theatre and coriander on my List of Hated Things. So I’m not sure quite what I was thinking when I booked myself and the hubster in for a couples ‘digital detox’ massage at Sensasia’s Urban Spa at Emirates Golf Club. Mr Y loves massage so I thought it would be a nice Father’s Day treat and I guess my automatic ‘one for you, one for me’ approach to gifting just got the better of me!

Anyway, we met at the spa last Thursday evening and while I don’t love massage, I do love spas! They are dark, soothing, divine smelling sanctuaries, and this one was no exception. We were shown through to the lovely couples room by our therapists, Vivian and Mimi, who explained the treatment. The digital detox is an upper body massage designed to release the tension created by the hours we spend hunched over screens every day.

We lay down on our beds with me bracing myself and wishing I was there for a facial. Whenever I’ve told friends that I don’t enjoy massage, they’ve always said ‘oh, you mustn’t have had a good one’. Finally, I think they were right. I had asked for medium pressure and while I could definitely feel the knots in my shoulders being worked, it wasn’t the agony I usually experience. Within a couple of minutes I was nearly asleep! The massage extended from the base of my spine, right the way to my hands and ended at my scalp. It was absolute bliss.

Our lovely therapists left us to get our robes back on at which point Mr Y completely ruined my zen state by leaping up from his bed and prancing around in a pair of disposable pants. I don’t even know where he got them and let me tell you that they are not designed to fit 6’ 3” men. Some sights just can be unseen. Thankfully there was a knock at the door and Vivian and Mimi entered with a tray of delicious ginger tea and some virtuous vegetable sticks.

The whole experience was super relaxing and frankly, groundbreaking, for me. I’m a convert to massage but only with lovely Vivien, so we’ll definitely be back to Sensasia Urban Spa. Mr Y thinks his face is ‘self cleaning’ so I’m thinking that if they can make a massage fan out of me then perhaps a facial there could work a similar miracle on him!

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