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Sport for All at Safa Community School

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It’s hard to think that the minis will one day be entering the world of work when they can hardly tie their own shoelaces now, but it’s up to us to give them the best shot they have! Education is absolutely paramount and we’ve come across Safa Community School, who aim to help your kids develop as global citizens and future movers and shakers. Their path to this has three (not so simple) steps: a fine-tuned modern syllabus, developing communication skills in English and up to six foreign languages and finally active sports participation!

Sack Race Rock Climbing

They told us a little bit more about their sports programme and it’s absolutely fantastic. As part of Safa Community School’s All-Round education focus, they’ve reinvented their physical education approach for September 2015 perfect for your kiddos with oodles of energy. With professional sports staff, trusted outside experts and the development of a bespoke sports academy for students going for the gold, the school’s serious commitment to sports education is one that reflects their entire ethos – we’re certainly loving the way it all sounds.


With a number of health and fitness initiatives such as a dedicated week for students to challenge themselves physically, student yoga, wall climbing and even a parent’s boot camp for mamas and papas to get involved, they’ve definitely raised the bar for schools in Dubai. Of course there’s no denying the good old classic school sports like football, netball and more, however they’ve introduced thrilling additions to their classes like rock climbing and diving. They’re absolutely 110% dedicated to supporting sportsmanship and have even put together a number of sports scholarships for excelling students, which is practically music to our ears and bank statements.


What’s not to love about their incredible sports curriculum, mama? While your children are working on their fitness, they’ll also be taking the lead from role models across the sports staff, building their self-confidence, leadership qualities and respect for those that they come across. And of course, sports brings people together regardless of schools, background or communities and helps create lasting friendships, which is really what our multicultural desert city is all about.

Safa Community School, Umm Sequim Road, Al Barsha, Dubai
(+971) (0)4 385 1810,

Brought to you in partnership with Safa Community School

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