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Stylist Arabia Awards: We Need Your Votes, mama!

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Please vote for Sassy Mama Dubai in the Stylist Arabia Social Media Awards 2016. Pretty Please. With a cherry on top.

Lovely mamas, we are SO excited (and extremely honoured) to have been nominated in the parenting category of Stylist Arabia’s Social Media Awards 2016 – and we need all of your help to win! If you could spare about 9 seconds (we promise that’s about as long as it takes) to vote for us we’d be mega grateful (and will love you all even more than we already do…)

Stylist Arabia is a fabulous free weekly mag – our regular go-to for everything from fashion to lifestyle and culture. If you visit the Awards page on the Stylist website and scroll through to the parenting category you can just select Sassy Mama Dubai and click.

Voting closes on Monday May 9th at 11.59am (yikes!)

Sassy Mama Dubai began 2 years ago when a group of fun-loving mamas set out to discover the very best of the city.

We scour, sweat, drag strollers through the sand and brave the queues on SZR, just to bring you the latest news on what’s hot (literally!) in the world of parenting in Dubai, and beyond.

We’re for breastfeeding AND bottle-feeding – actually, we’re for doing what we feel is best for our families, while supporting you clever mamas to choose differently for yours. We’re for doing our research and knowing our options.

We’re for home-cooking and dining out – at beach shacks or Michelin-starred restos. We’re for foot massages, date nights, donning our highest heels and feeling fabulous. We’re for glasses of wine and laughing over mama-fails with friends… then we’re for big cups of coffee the next morning!

We’re for singing silly songs and dancing round the room – even when we’re tired – because romping with the kiddos is life-affirming, and we’re definitely for counting that as cardio!

We’re for “good enough” rather than “perfect”. We’re for being truthful about motherhood – even the not-so-wonderful parts. We’re against mama guilt and for working with what you’ve got, not what you wish you had.

We’re for fresh air, getting dirty and working up a sweat. We’re for adventures, expeditions, and family trips to museums and performances. We’re AGAINST boredom… who has time to be bored, mama? We’re too busy!

We’ve put our heart, soul, sweat and (sometimes) tears into Sassy Mama Dubai because we love it. If you love it too then please vote for us! 



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