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Supporting Local: Small Jewellery Businesses We Love

supporting local businesses
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Supporting Local

Buying and supporting local homegrown brands, especially if they’re the creation of a mama, is what we love most. We’re thinking jewellery this month (both for ourselves and to take overseas as gifts for relatives and friends). From quirky to personalised, these are the local bling businesses we’re loving (and shopping at!) this June.

Astrid Melissa

Astrid Melissa Jewellery

A luxury brand of British, French and Swedish heritage. Founded in 2011, the business started as a bespoke service, creating unique and special pieces designed and made to order. Building upon that success, Astrid Melissa has designed and released 10 collections, all as individual and quirky as the last.

ByeByeRascal – Brand Ambassador and Distribution Agent for ARTICLE22 PeaceBOMB Jewellery

byebyerascal peacebomb jewellery

PeaceBOMB jewellery is a modern and effortlessly chic line hand crafted from Vietnam War debris by artisans in rural Laos and finished in Vientiane and New York with precious metals and stones. Each piece tells a powerful story of transformation of bad into beautiful and helps demine the land in Laos to make it safe to inhabit. Sold in more than 40 countries and covered by major international press, PeaceBOMB has inspired cosmopolitan clients across the world to wear and share.

With a name and brand ethos inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, impact is at the heart ARTICLE22, a Designer brand. Starting in 2011 with a simple bracelet that clears 10 square feet of contaminated land, the collection has expanded to necklaces, rings, earrings and home accessories at accessible to luxe pricing that clear up to 65 square meters. Article22’s mission with PeaceBOMB is to create beautiful and meaningful jewellery that supports traditional artisans and reclaims land in Laos, the most heavily bombarded country in history per capita.

Jewels Of The Desert

Jewels Of The Desert Jewellery

Jewels Of The Desert is a Dubai based boutique brand, offering beautifully handcrafted costume jewellery made from semi precious gemstones. With an Urban Chic style, they focus on design, colour and whatever you need in a piece to complement you at affordable prices. Pieces include 2 in 1 versatile necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings, for adults and children, bespoke pieces, as well as a range. Jewels Of The Desert can make that special item for you, a family member or a friend. So, life is too short to wear mass produced jewellery, be unique, choose handmade!

Lynda Marion Jewellery

Lynda Marion jewellery

Lynda and Beverley are the designers and manufacturers in Lynda Marion Jewellery who work in their studios in Abu Dhabi, making sterling silver jewellery (sometimes gold too!). They love making personalised items for people to give as gifts or wear themselves, to remind them of friends or family.


ottu jewellery

A jewelry line inspired by life’s little wonders, captured as wearable art. Every day we are inspired by our surroundings, natural beauty of the plants, animals and breathtaking landscapes. We like to portray that beauty with quotes on life and love that correspond to a matching dainty piece of jewellery. OTTU jewellery are hand crafted with lots of love, care & attention to detail, using 925 sterling silver & natural stone elements by a talented silver smith. Be prepared to be smitten with each quirky, delicate piece of OTTU jewellery when it adorns you.

Suzanna O Jewelry 

suzanna O jewellery

Suzanna O jewelry is about delicate, hand crafted embellishment. Whether it’s just wearing one piece or layering it with existing jewelry, the brands ethos is about the re-edit of style. With fashion changing all the time, the brand is about making beautiful pieces accessible to every woman.

Vice Jewelry 

Vice jewellery

Vice Jewelry was born out of friendship, an addiction to jewelry, and a belief that every woman should be able to accessorise without creating a permanent dent in her bank account! These 2 jewellery lovers source handmade pieces from around the world. When travelling, one of their favourite activities is to explore and discover new jewellery designers that see the world in a different way. The brand has three main designers: Anne-Marie Chagnon from Canada, Wolf and Moon Jewellery from the UK and Wild Jordan from Jordan. They also showcase smaller collections from Sidaegamsung (South Korea), The b (South Korea) and Deuno (Spain).

Facebook & Instagram: @vicejewelry


yazzi jewellery

Yazzi is an accessories home-based project that will let you treat yourself – with pieces made with love, care and attention to detail. Founded and created by Yasmine Seddik, an Egyptian girl, whose passion for making outstanding accessories is growing everyday. If you’re looking for the missing piece to complete your outfit with trendy pieces that show your uniqueness, Yazzi will be pleased to do this for you and much more. To make things easier for you, customised pieces can be made just for you too! All you need to do is to let the Yazzi team what you’re thinking of and they’ll make sure to give you what you want and exceed your expectations.

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