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The Best ‘At Home’ Services In Dubai

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Anything’s possible in our desert city – and almost everything can be delivered right to your door (midnight craving for a snack from the golden arches, anyone?). Well, there’s really no need to leave the comfort of your own space when you have Sassy Mama Dubai’s little list of handy home services at your fingertips! From babysitters and night nannies to doctors who’ll arrive at your door within an hour, companies that will help create the perfect party to immaculate at-home mani/pedi’s; all you gotta do is print the list, mamas! 

Baby-Sitting and Newborn Services


Babies and Beyond
For any mamas-to-be or for those with teeny tinies at home this one is for you so listen up! Babies and Beyond is a brand new fully licensed home healthcare facility (regulated by the Dubai Health Authority so it’s all legit) that has launched to assist parents along the journey from pregnancy to parenthood. Hallelujah!

With many of us living away from family and friends, we miss out on that all-important support network during and after pregnancy. Well, mamas, the awesome Babies and Beyond team of British nurses, midwives, health visitors, lactation consultants and public and health professionals are the next best thing to grandma. They even have their own specialist early years educator who can work alongside childcare nurses to deliver a fun ‘at-home’ curriculum for older babies and toddlers of up to the age of 4 so you can be sure that your precious littles are getting the very best start possible.

Whether you need an extra pair of hands to help get you through those long newborn nights, postnatal visits to help make sure that bubs is doing great or babysitting services to enable sanity-saving date nights every once in a while, Babies and Beyond are just the people to call (we only wish they’d been around when our own babies were born).

psst…these guys also offer fab workshops including Mainly Mindful Parenting (next one on Monday, 9 November), designed to help parents of kiddos aged 1-3 with practical strategies to create a happy, nurturing and peaceful home environment (um, yes please), plus Prenatal & Antenatal, Gentle Sleep and Parent Craft.

Telephone: +971 (0) 4-278-9832; Email:

Busy Bees Dubai
Whether you have a baby, toddler, child or teenager, Busy Bees babysitters are trained in childcare and will take care of your brood’s meals, errands, laundry and light housekeeping. The company offers one-off bookings if you have a day or night out planned and won’t be taking the kids along too – or regular bookings, when you need help at the same time every week. If you’re after the latter, give the company a call to discuss your requirements.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 360 9663

Emirates Home Nursing
This agency promises the highest quality nursing, childcare and babysitting services, giving you the option to book on a one-off or long-term basis (give them a call as the price drops when you reach a certain number of hours per week). All staff are trained and certified in Basic Life Support and First Aid. The company also offers services for night nannies, newborn care, and specialist nurses for twins and triplets.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 454 2330

Healthbay Polyclinic
Having a baby can be overwhelming at times – or a lot of the time – (especially if you are away from your family), which is why this highly respected clinic is a godsend! The clinic provides Western trained midwives to visit you at home for postnatal care and support and lactation advice. They also provide temporary nannies with childcare qualifications, night nannies, and maternity nurses for the early days. Advance booking is recommended as the service is (unsurprisingly) popular.

Telephone:  (+971) (0)4 456 5778 


private chef Dubai

Chef Andy
Want to recreate British gastro-pub grub at home? Chef Andy’s your man. Or if you’re looking for something a little more refined, there’s plenty more up his sleeve to impress your tastebuds with. 

Chef Paul Frangie
Um..he’s a model..and a chef. Need we say more? A little eye-candy in the kitchen ain’t gonna hurt nobody right mamas? Paul is also the brainchild This Dude Knows Food – an awesome online lifestyle show. His food is yummy, healthy, simple etc. And he’s a model – did we say that already? 

Chef Thomas Reger
Ask for the best private chef in Dubai and Chef Tom’s name will pop up. With a pure passion for food, his dishes look as beautiful as they taste – even the BBQ menu is worthy of a Michelin star in our opinion (prawns with pineapple and coconut salsa anyone?). 

A newbie on the block, Foodiac  is a marketplace for private chefs – just visit the site for a browse on the perfect chef for you – from home dinners to cocktail parties, buffets to banquets – click for a quote and prepare to be wowed. 

Top Chef
Our fave Jumeirah cookery school now also hires out chefs to make your evening (or day) at home special. Whether you’re entertaining big style or holding an intimate soiree, call in the experts and get that resto experience at your own table.
Telephone:  (+971) (0) 4 385 5781 


cleaning services in dubai

City Sky Maid Company
If you are looking for a regular part-time maid, City Sky can help. As well as doing a great job of keeping your apartment spic and span, you can contact the agency to help with ironing (that’s a relief, hey Mama?) or when you need an extra pairs of hands if you are hosting a party. The company can also provide help with walking and feeding pets.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 332 4600

Housekeeping Co.
If you are looking for a live-out housemaid without needing to go through the process of sponsorship (knowing exactly what to do gives us a headache too, Mama), this agency could be just what you are looking for. Offering full-time housemaids (6 days a week) – and even the option to share the cost with a neighbor for just the morning or afternoon shift – the company fills a much-needed gap in the Dubai market. The company also offers regular part-time cleaners, at a minimum of 4 hours per week.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 338 8747

Molly Maid
Molly Maid is one of the original part-time cleaning agencies in Dubai, which has been in operation since 1997. Give them a call when you need a hand at home, whether it’s for washing, cleaning, ironing, mopping, dusting, or vacuuming. The agency is keen to point out that they don’t supply maids for babysitting, cooking, or washing cars – so this one is purely for cleaning duties and getting the house spic and span mamas.

Telephone (+971) (0)4 339 7799

CCTV Services 

cctv dubai

The first company of its kind in the UAE, SnapSights can install CCTV cameras in your home and provide a monitoring service to keep an eye on what is happening at home. We know you trust your help at home (we do too mamas), but it’s always reassuring to have an extra pair of eyes making sure that little ones are safe and your rules are followed. You also get sent highlight photos at the end of every week, which will bring a smile to your face every time (even when you realise that your little monsters have discovered exactly how to get into the cookie jar…).

Telephone (+971) (0)4 552 0670



Maya Yoga
Sassy Mama Sofia is a huge fan of  Maya’s (and we’ve seen the progress she’s made – pretty awesome!). Mega friendly and bursting with energy, Maya will have your living room transformed into an ashram in minutes and will work to focus your mind and strengthen your body through a broad spectrum of yoga styles tailored to your individual need and requirements (i.e if you can’t touch your toes don’t be discouraged, she’ll have you bendy and lean in no time). 

VIP Home Personal Training
Get the bod you’ve always wanted without having to schlep to the gym – these guys will come to your home (or whichever location is convenient) to get you toned and trim in no time. All you gotta do is commit.

Handyman Services

handyman dubai

Jim Will Fix It
Put away that toolbox mama! Give this company a call and a handyman will come to your rescue, whether the problem is electrical, plumbing, painting or decorating, to do with the air conditioning, DIY jobs, or carpentry. The company only employs staff that are university graduates, with at least 5years of hands-on practical experience and excellent English language skills so there’ll be nothing lost in translation (who wants bookshelves on the ceiling anyways?).

Telephone: (+971) 800 349

Pet Grooming

Does your four-pawed friend need an appointment with the groomer? No need to drive them across the city to get a trim! Instead, give the company Shampooch a call and they will arrive with a self-contained van to groom outside your front door! Services include bathing, fluff drying, clipping, trimming, de-shedding, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and lots more! Now that’s one pampered pooch!

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 340 0507  


medical services dubai

With a response time within 60 minutes (and often a lot quicker, which is reassuring when one of our brood is feeling under the weather), 800-Doctor provides healthcare at home 24 hours a day, with services including consultations, vaccinations, suturing, physiotherapy, ECG and blood tests.

Telephone: (+971) 800 362867

Life Pharmacy
Worrying in the small hours mama? Stop googling and give Life Pharmacy a call and a telephone pharmacist can help with queries about medication and arrange for a delivery from your nearest open store.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 344 1122

Party Caterers

cocktail party dubai

AB Mixology
Hosting a cocktail or mocktail party? This company provides professional bartenders and talented mixologists to come to your home and create drinks that look and taste amazing. The team can design cocktails based on the ingredients you already have – or you can ask them to create something special for your event and they will give you a shopping list so everything is ready.

Telephone: (+971) (0)52 865 3395
Organised a party at home and need a caterer to keep your guests’ tummies happy throughout? This company will cater for all kinds of parties, from kids’ birthdays, to adult drinks parties, to formal sit-down dinners. Hang up your apron mama and give them a call!

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 422 1613

Plant Care


Sharon Flowers
Love filling your home with fresh blooms and plants but got fingers that aren’t so green? It happens to the best of us mamas, which is why we love the home maintenance service by this Dubai-based company. Plant experts will come to your home and inspect your plants, carry out weekly cleaning and pruning, apply topping materials, clean plant containers and remove debris, and work towards your plants looking their very best all through the year.

Telephone: (+971) (0)50 167 7930  

Spa & Hair Services


Blowout & Go
As the name suggests, these guys are all about hair – big, beautiful and in the comfort of your own home (too easy right mamas?!). Next time you want your mane styled to perfection, whether you’re hitting the town or just fancy treating yourself, get onto their awesome site, choose a style you’d love (we’re big fans of The Weekender for a night out but The Editor means business), make the call, wash your hair and wait for the dream team to arrive and get your locks looking luscious. They also do makeup,  combined hair and makeup packages AND the cutest little styles for your petit princesses – we love.

Telephone: (+971) (0) 4431 1976

Azur Spa
Azur Spa offers ‘Sparty Packages’, which are ideal for getting a group of girlfriends together and turning your home into a spa (definitely beats meeting at soft play areas, right Mamas?) If you fancy alone time, the company also offers individual bookings, with everything from facials, to massages, to manicures and pedicures on the menu.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 447 5284

Belle Femme
Whether it’s tinting, waxing, manicures, or blow-dries, Belle Femme will transform your home into a temporary spa so you can enjoy being pampered at home. You can expect touches like lit candles, fluffy towels, and luxurious oils that make all the difference!

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 454 8652

Strawberry Nails Dubai
Specialising in immaculate manicures and pedicures, the Strawberry Nails team will arrive at your house promptly (always a bonus when we are busy!) and provide a luxurious and high quality service that means you will keep booking. The menu also includes massages, hair removal, and blow-dries. And they’re happy to paint kiddie nails with non-toxic polish too!

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 276 6160 

Specialist Cleaning Services

upholstery cleaning

If your sofa and upholstery has seen better days (and we are all in that boat with kids in the house!) this company will send specially trained technicians with expertise in cleaning silk, leather and all natural and synthetic fibers. They can also treat the items to protect against further spills. Extra services on offer include curtain, carpets, mattress, hard floor, and air conditioning duct cleaning.

Telephone:  (+971) (0)4 323 6686

Rose Laundry
If your rugs at home are dirty or stained (um, yes), Rose Laundry offer a shampooing service to bring them back to their original colour! They are also a good company to call for cleaning of duvets and blankets, kids soft toys, and kids car seats and strollers. Definitely one to add to speed dial!

Telephone: (+971) (0)56 466 4401

Air conditioning units can be breeding grounds for germs, which can cause nasty odours and increase the likelihood of allergies and illnesses (YUK) so it’s a good idea to get the units in our homes serviced quarterly. Saniservice specialises in eco-friendly, 100% chemical-free sanitisers so you can and the kiddos can breathe easy at home.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 321 5505

The Healthy Home
This Dubai company offer deep cleaning and sanitation services for items in your home including mattresses, baby cots, upholstery, sofas, carpets, curtains, play rooms, and AC Ducts. After hearing that there are two million dust mites in the average mattress (ewwww!), we especially like the sound of the mattress cleaning service, which involves a two-step step process to clean the mattress, pillows and duvet using medical-grade technology to get rid of all impurities and nasties.

Telephone: (+971) (0)4 442 5616


sewing machine

Buttons and Bows
Ok so we all love a trip to Satwa to get some new threads sewn up but frankly there isn’t always the time. Well we’ve found the best tailor service that comes right to you mamas – Buttons and Bows can tailor-make, repair and mend, alter in super quick time and for a really good price. Perfect.

Telephone: (+971) (0) 4 551 4211 


Need to get the kiddos through exams, boost their confidence in science or look for a piano teacher? Whatever the requirement and level, this website is the place to get the tutors to help! 



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