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The Best Way to Start Your Day Mamas…

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We all have those terrible moments as mamas right, where we wake up in the morning, feel like we’ve had no sleep at all and just want to stay in bed. During the night, we had to get up several times for the kids or wasted time counting sheep. And then in the morning, as soon as we open our eyes, the roller coaster of feeding, making breakfast, getting kids to school etc. begins. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

If that all sounds familiar, don’t worry mamas – we can change it! Research has shown that 40% of our happiness and wellbeing level is determined by our own actions and thoughts (according to Martin Seligman). We can influence how we feel and what we experience!

We’re going to share our tips and tricks on what can you do to wake up, kick ass and make your morning amazing…


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Positive Mantra
The best tip I ever got from one of my mentors in life is to start your day with a positive morning mantra. Our body responds to what we subconsciously say to ourselves each morning.

So are you ready? Here is what to do. Every morning when you wake up, immediately think or say something positive to yourself, in silence or out loud. Write it down, make a picture, whatever works for you. It’s OK as long as it’s positive and short. I usually start with YES, thank you for another great day!

Morning Ritual
Another great one is to install a daily morning ritual that gives you an energy boost, before you start doing things. It can be to go outside in the garden or on your balcony and watch the (upcoming) sun, have a shower with your favorite music on, or as I do, listen to the birds that sing and hear the music in it. Even my daughters join me from time to time.

Just make it a daily habit, it does not need to take a long time. We all have limited time, especially in the morning. Make it something that is easily fits in with your natural surrounding, or one where you can include the family.


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You Have a Choice, Always
What was really an eye opener for me was to realise I have a choice, always. How would you like to feel the rest of the day? What if you could wave your magic wand and make it a perfect one, what would you feel? There, you’ve got your answer! Experience what happens if you make a positive choice for yourself: I am happy, I am energised, I am grateful for this day. What a difference right? Decide every morning how you want to feel and the rest will flow easily.

Body Posture
Try this, look up, smile and keep your smile on. Now try to think of any negative thoughts. Ok, great! Now look down to your toes, all the way bend over, and try to think of any positive thoughts? How was that? I’m positive that both times, it took a while to come up with anything.

What can we learn from this? Basically, our body posture plays an enormous role in how we feel. So when you wake up after your morning mantra and ritual, get energised.You can do this by thinking of a time when you really felt alive and make notes of what that does to your body, what expression you use, your muscle tone (shoulders relaxed etc.), what your breathing is like. If you have all the key elements, you can get your body straight into this energised state, just like copying and pasting! After doing this for a few mornings, observe the difference in your mood.


Going back in time, and analysing it, I have been mainly waking up and saying to myself: I am sooooo tired, how can I get through the day. Starting like that already gave a totally different signal to my unconscious mind. After implementing some of these habits in my daily routine, I almost never wake up tired anymore even if I had only a few hours of sleep. Now I wake up every day with a kick-start. And it really is true, what you think, you become.

So my challenge for you: install some of these daily morning habits for at least a month, and notice what will happen. Have fun!

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