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The Method Haircut: What’s The Big Deal?

Rossano Ferretti Method Haircut Dubai
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We Try ‘The Method’ Technique For A Haircut With A Difference

Forever looking for that magic answer to a head of hair that’s been damaged by everything from sun to sea plus color changes galore and three pregnancies, hearing that celebrity hairstylist Rossano Ferretti (who’s responsible for the Duchess of Cambridge’s luscious locks) had opened a hair spa here in Dubai meant a glimmer of hope for my lackluster mop. Set in a gorgeous villa just next to the Four Seasons Hotel on Jumeirah Beach Road, the thing which sets this salon and its team of stylists apart is an innovative hair technique called ‘The Method’, created and fine-tuned by Rossano and his sister over years and said to be THE best way to get the perfect style to suit your hair type. I was sold. Kids at school and a few hours ahead of me, I booked in to be transformed.

Firstly, the salon offers a complete experience that helps you relax – spa like – in a calm space that’s flooded with natural light, designed like a boutique hotel and filled with little extras from delicious coffee to a menu of beauty treatments if you fancy getting a head-to-toe overhaul. I was led to a dark-walled waiting room where my stylist, Yana (who’s worked with Ferretti for years and is a fully trained ‘Method’ director) chatted to me about what I hoped to achieve. I don’t know about you but for me, it’s simple. I need a hair style that’s easy to maintain, that doesn’t require blowdrying with a roller brush (because there’s just no way I could ever master that) and which I can feel confident about not having to hide and scrape back at any opportunity.


The secret to The Method system is that stylists use a patented pair of texturizing scissors and cut just 18 percent of your hair instead of the typical 30 percent. And it’s all about making the best of the way your hair falls naturally rather than trying to force it to do anything else, giving you a style that flatters your face and that brings out the best of what you’ve been blessed with. Intrigued by how my hair  (which is more a curse than a blessing) could possibly have anything good about it to enhance, I decided to let Yana dictate how my hair should be cut and what would suit me the most.

A luxurious wash and scalp massage later, my hair was in her very capable hands while I sat back and watched the magic happen. Instead of combing and snipping, Yana almost danced around my hair, fluttering her scissors and making tiny cuts here and there before switching to long fluid strokes. Occasionally she’d run her hands through to inspect her work, making suggestions about what foods I could eat to improve my hair texture and explaining how every stylist trained in The Method was required to refresh their knowledge every year to make sure that they were staying true to Ferretti’s technique. With plenty of broken hair around my face, Yana chopped a long fringe before drying my hair and standing back to admire her work. I have to admit, it  was shorter than usual (and if you go to get your hair cut here then make sure to tell them you don’t want it too short….unless you do of course) but it fell beautifully and I bounced out of the salon with with my equally bouncy hair. The test though, would lie in whether my style would stay true to the cut once I washed it at home with zero blowdrying skills or time to make it do what it should . And the result? Hair which looked as good the next day and the day after and the one after that too – hooray! I actually love it even more now that it’s grown out a little bit and I can jump out of the shower/sea/pool without having to do anything mega special plus chase after three kids and get them all ready in the morning with a minimal hair routine. Yup, at least now there’s method to the madness. I’ll be back to The Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa soon – apparently if the main man himself is in town he’ll often treat you to a free cut! See you there, mamas!


For bookings and enquiries contact Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa
Jumeirah Beach Road (next to The Four Seasons Hotel)
Tel: +971 (0) 4 330 0073

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