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Tiny Bites: Early Dinner at Eggspectation JBR

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eggspection dcg newWe all know how expectations can be a bad thing, but nobody ever prepared us for Eggspectation. This family restaurant in JBR (part of the new beach development) is really awesome for a chilled family meal out!

egg3We decided to descend on this restaurant about a week ago at 5.30 pm on a school night with no less than 5 kids in tow for a nice dinner out.. yeah, we know. But here it goes mamas, it actually ended up being a nice dinner out in spite of the 5 kids. First of all, the staff are mega-friendly and are used to serving little diners, which means they are patient, know the importance of plastic glasses AND won’t even blink when a plate (ok, there might have been more than one) ends up in pieces on the floor.

Eggspectation doesn’t just serve eggs as one may think, although we have to say they probably have the most extensive brunch menu we have ever seen this side of the Atlantic. So if you are in the market for a weekend brekkie/brunch haunt this would be an excellent choice, but be warned- weekends are crazy busy so get there early!

pizza flatbreadStaying true to its Canadian heritage, Eggspectation has a big (huge) menu, taking fams from brekkie to brunch to lunch and beyond. The concept is all day-dining and our weekday dinner with the littlies was no disappointment. Given our truck-load of kids, we decided to order a bit of everything to make sure something would be eaten. Two pastas with tomato sauce, one chicken breast with fries, three Mac N’ Cheese and one of their flat breads (fancy for pizza) later, the kids were happily fed and waiting for their ice cream. Too easy! The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, rushing around to make sure that the children’s every wish was granted (we had to step in when the 10th apple juice was being ordered). The food was seriously tasty and simple but in a perfect for kids way – no garnish and no fuss – the flat bread was so yummy that the kiddos were lucky to get a look in once the mamas had started on it.

quesadillasSurprised by how quickly the kiddies had inhaled their dinner, we two mamas were quickly tucking into our cobb salad with goats cheese and chicken quesadilla and ladies, they were so good. As stressful as you might think dinner with five kids sounds, we actually had a lovely time and left one hour after we came with happy, fully fed kids and mamas shouting “we will be back soon!” The total bill came in at just under AED 250, which is pretty darn good considering the amount of food we had.

Although the traffic around JBR is a bit of a pain – it’s totally worth a little road rage to get down to Eggspectation – plus a play on the beach after supper was the perfect ending to our kiddie date.

Sassy Mama Tip: There is a 15% after school discount for kids – we know! Just get snack or early dinner sorted, that’s what we will be doing! Weekends mean serious crowds but if you get there early, which us mamas tend to do anyways, we are sure they will live up to your eggspectations. 

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