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Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Christmas Tree This Year

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Decorating your Tree This Christmas

With christmas almost upon us it is time to climb under the stairs and pull out your not so carefully packed christmas tree from last year and take the kids to pick out the perfect tree!

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Once the tree is up it is time you might think it’s time for a change as to your decor/style. With so many stores now stocking festive decorations it has never been easier to spruce up your tree at any budget.

Our top tips for christmas trees this year for young families are:

#1         Location – think about placing the tree out of reach if your kids might pull it over.  For our first two christmases we placed our tree on the landing of our stairs.  We could see it all the time but the stairgates meant there was no risk of it toppling and a stop on the way to bed each night, to turn the lights on and look at the ornaments, became part of our christmas ritual that year.

#2         Breakables – consider not using those very special breakable ornaments on the tree.  Not only would it be heartbreaking to lose a treasured bauble but also quite risky for bare feet when it happens.  This doesn’t mean keeping in the cupboard but maybe put the special ones on a side table or above an entryway intertwined into a bushy green garland.

#3         Curate – picking a theme might seem a bit extreme but if you can choose a common thread through your design then it helps you when out shopping and does look cohesive on the tree.  If you do decide to go for a new style this year look at your current decorations and use the ones that work with the new concept you are wanting.

#4         Layer – to make it easy to pack everything up after christmas layer things on your tree.  First put the strings of lights and test them before you go any further.  Next anything that has length like tinsel, beads and long ribbons.  Now this is where the fun begins.  If you have a lot of any particular item like bows or specific baubles do all those next to make sure you have an even spread of everything and last but not least all those special one off ornaments and trinkets.

Our favourite three styles for trees this year are:

Christmas tree decoration ideas

Going Playful

A playful themed tree is a great way to add colour into the living room this year and provide the perfect backdrop for all the great ornaments and christmassy things that the kids made over the last few years.  It can be crazily busy and jam packed or just a handful of decorations in bright colours.

 white christmas tree decor

Wishing for a White Christmas

With the décor trend of whites still being very strong, and likely going to be a mainstay for many years to come, there is no reason not to layer in a christmas tree with decorations that are all consistently white.  If all white is not quite you adding gorgeous metalics will give it that extra sparkle and play around with the colour of your lights – warmer tones will give the tree a cosy golden hue in the evening.

red christmas tree decor

A red festive season

We don’t think red really ever went out of style, it is christmas after all, but this year it is definitely returning strongly as a colourway for the festive season.  Try adding a touch of white or gold to add a pop.  If you already have a lot of red decorations but want to give it that extra depth look at wrapping the gifts under the tree in red as well.  Another great idea is using artificial poincettas on your tree to give it that pretty floral touch.

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