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Top Hobbies to Try in Dubai

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If you can find the time between school pick ups and drop offs, errands and even work for those of you working mamas, then why not take a little time out for yourself and pick up some hobbies in Dubai? We’ve got everything for thrill seekers to crafty cats (and if you’re a mixture of both then that’s fantastic) in the desert city – plus I’ve found a few places that have offerings for the bubs too.



It’s never too late to start brushing up on those cooking skills, mama! Whether you’re like me and just trying not to set the house on fire (seriously, who knew you could burn soup) or want something a little more specialised, this is a hobby that’s practical and delicious.

Recommended: Cooking at Home for Italian cooking classes (see our review), Top ChefL’Atelier des Chefs, Cooking Sense for basic and Arabic cooking and ICCA for super serious cooks

Creative Writing

If you’re a mama or have a little after my own heart, then you’ll want to gun it to one of these fantastic creative writing classes. Poets, novelists, lyricists, children’s picture book authors and all you other cool cats, remember: like any other skill, writing needs to be practiced. (Oh, don’t forget to head to the poetry and storytelling nights occasionally on at BookMunch or The Archive as well.)

We recommend: DUCTAC, Dubai Writers, The Archive, Dubai International Writers’ Centre


Stay on your twinkle toes and head over to one of Dubai’s many, many dance classes (believe us, we’ve done the research). Whether you’ve got a dancer in the family, want to rock out yourself or reconnect with your partner, there’s something for everyone and every skill level.

We recommend: Checking out our roundup to the best classes in Dubai.



With the Arabian Gulf hugging the shores of the desert city, you can’t pass up the chance to go diving. There’s a number of fantastic places to get certified and grab your equipment; you can also go diving in the Dubai Mall Aquarium, which is just too cool.

We recommend: The Pavillion Dive Centre, Al Boom Diving, Divers Down, Pro Dive Me, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


If you’ve got a green thumb and are keen on some desert blooms, head out to one of our fab garden centers to pick up everything you need. (It’s tough business growing anything in this heat.)

We recommend: Dubai Garden Centre, Ace Hardware, Sultan Garden Centre

Ice Skating

So every time the Winter Olympics rolls back around, I’m always glued to my screen watching the figure skaters dance. If you and your tots are the same, then think about learning how to actually do it all – plus, it’s a great way to cool off.

We recommend: Dubai Ice Rink, Al Nasr Leisureland



Here’s one that mamas and bubs can really get stuck into. Drawing and painting are undoubtedly super therapeutic and there’s something so satisfying about watching a canvas come to life. (Your imagination deserve a chance to run absolutely wild sometimes, mama.)

We recommend: thejamjar, Art Dubai, DUCTAC, We Love Art, Kidz Art


If you’re not afraid of getting a little mucky and want to create beautiful pieces you can display and use at home, then pottery’s always a good shout. All you’ll need is a bit of cheesy music and Patrick Swayze to help you along…

We recommend: DUCTAC, Art Dubai



Sure, some people are happy with an Instagram filter and an iPhone camera, but if you’re hungry for a little more then why not pick up a photography class? You’ll be able to capture all those amazing family moments and beautiful trips in the years and years to come, so you’ll be able to remember them the way you want to.

We recommend: Dinkyheart Photography, Gulf Photo Plus, DUCTAC

Rock Climbing

It’s time to climb that mountain mama – and we literally mean it. With a number of fantastic rock climbing facilities in Dubai, it’s almost a shame not to check it out at least once.

We recommend: The Adventure Zone (see our review), Rock Republic, Playmania


It’s not just for grannies anymore, mama. Learn to sew and knit your own clothing as well as other odds and ends (we’ve seen reMADE DXB occasionally offer stuffed toy Dachsund classes – too cute!). Not only do you get the satisfaction of getting to create your own fashion or home staples, it’s also a great way to get social with other mamas. (Psst, reMADE offer mama/daughter classes as well.)

We recommend: reMADE DXB, Craft Land, Dubai in Design, Art Dubai,

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