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I’ve always wanted to have a perfect wardrobe. You know, one of the ones you see on Pinterest; colour coded, organised according to every possible occasion and completely easy to navigate – and preferably walk-in with floor to ceiling shoe racks, a vintage mirror, fresh flowers and a large ottoman on which to recline while wondering to to wear that day. Well, every mama can dream right? Instead, my closet resembles something from student digs, a jumbled mess of seasons, sizes, colours and eras. I’ve hung onto various items from years ago but not for any good reason, I’m just really bad at de-cluttering.

This New Year, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t continue to wear the same things over and over again – and I would stop saving everything for ‘a special occasion’. I mean come on, this is Dubai and anything goes right? If I want to hang out at the school gates in a sparkly little number, then I’ll just go ahead and do it. Ok, so maybe not to that extreme but I definitely want to give some of the non jeans-and-t-shirt items an outing now and then.


It was time to call in stylist Kelly Lundberg at StyleMeDivine, a personal styling and shopping agency which works with many of the region’s most stylish ladies. And we’re not just talking those with cash to flash mamas, StyleMeDivine can work to any budget – designer or high-street. Kelly alone has notched up over 10,000 shopping hours with clients and purchased over 5,000 pairs of shoes, not including her own collection, so I was excited and hopeful that she could whip my very sorry for itself wardrobe into shape.

First up was a consultation and closet once-over – or ‘closet weeding’. Kelly arrived at my home looking immaculate while I was in a scruffy (but much loved) old tee and had to sit on my hands for fear that she would spot a very old and chipped manicure. We went through the style goals I hoped to achieve (look less like I’ve got dressed in the dark and more like an effortlessly chic mama) and talked about my shopping rut (black, black and more black). And then it was time to reveal all those skeletons in my closet.


Kelly got busy reorganising and purging my hanging space with mega efficiency. She started off gently ‘do you really wear this Kaya’, but soon realised that I was keen to do this properly and moved on to ‘this is horrible and we’re getting rid of it’ type chat. There were only a couple of items that I insisted stay and a few that I thought I hated until Kelly showed me how best to wear them. My clothes were very quickly organised according to when I might wear them (work, evening, beach, home-with-kids) and Kelly was busy compiling a custom shopping list of must-have essentials to re-stock my now very sad looking and empty rails.

The next part of the StyleMeDivine package was the fun bit – the shopping. Kelly asked me to contact her when I was ready to hit the mall and met me at MOE, where she’d already done a quick whizz around a few stores to put aside items she thought would suit me. I loved this part (even if my wallet/husband did not) as I got to try things I would never usually go for and visit shops I haven’t stepped foot in for years. (River Island who knew you were so cool?!) Kelly guided me through the stores while keeping in mind my budget and goals.


Yes, a stylist can seem like a luxury mamas, but if you’re anything like me, getting someone to help you chuck out the clothes you ought never to be seen in again while encouraging you to try pieces you never thought would suit you has made me a much more confident and savvy dresser. Of course, I still have the odd day when the jeans and t-shirts or workout gear come out as a matter of ease – so don’t judge please. No more saving all my lovely threads for a special occasion for this mama!

Prices with Senior Stylist at StyleMeDivine are AED 500 ph (minimum 2 hr booking).
Prices with Style Director Kelly Lundberg are AED 750 ph (minimum 2 hr booking).

Contact Style Me Divine at or at

Style Me Divine,

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