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What Sassy Mama Wants: November

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We’re hurtling through the year faster than a speeding bullet… it was like just yesterday we were putting away the Christmas trees and the DVDs of the Christmas films were being relegated to the back of the cabinet. But alas, here we are and as we approach cooler climes and the party season, we’ve got some awesome picks you’ll definitely covet, just like we are! It’s all here in What Sassy Mama Wants!

What Sassy Mama Wants - Hershens

Hershens’ Ionic Professional Hair Dryer
I don’t know about you, mama, but I’ve spent thousands on getting my hair to stay smooth, shiny and sleek throughout the day. And like you, I’m strapped for time in the mornings and need a good quality hair dryer that’s going to do that job in record time. I also lack Michelle Obama’s arm strength to hold the bloody thing up above my head for much longer than three minutes. Enter the Ionic Professional Hair Dryer from Hershens. Beauty editors all over are calling this the ultimate power tool. It’s award-winning, lightweight and dries hair quickly while giving you that shiny, manageable mane that so many of us covet. Worth the money? Definitely.

Available at Sephora for AED 795

What Sassy Mama Wants - Tala's Collection from TITO

Tala’s Collection from Tips and Toes
Everyone knows I’m the official manicure queen over at Sassy HQ in HK. I adore that there are just so many shades of purple that suit any season. These days, you’ll find me rocking a nude shade as it just goes with everything. There’s an awesome nude shade with tones of pink in Tala’s Collection from TITO. Tala, the fashionista behind popular blog, has hand picked the shades for this collection, available at all Tips and Toes around town. I also love the chocolate shade… red is so last year, anyway. Plus, with Christmas right around the corner, we’ll save the red for the office party…

Available at all Tips and Toes salons

What Sassy Mama Wants - IKEA

The weather’s cooling down finally which means it’s totally okay to be hanging outdoors with the family; no sunburns or sweaty betties – hooray! Laze about on this outdoor armchair from IKEA (a HÖGSTEN, if you will) while the little ones muck about and expel all their extra energy. Hey, whatever encourages everyone to be outdoors and in the fresh air!

Available in black or white at all IKEA stores for AED 475

What Sassy Mama Wants - Morning Man Alarm Clock App

The Morning Man Alarm Clock
The morning slog just gets so much harder, especially as kids get older and refuse to get out of bed for school. It’s hard for us adults, too! Download The Morning Man Alarm Clock from the iTunes store and you’ll have a man gently waking you up. Ahem, I mean, he’ll talk at you in whichever accent you prefer to be woken up in: American, French, British, Italian, Scottish, Spanish (hello, Enrique…), Australian or Brazilian. Once kids get in on this, hilarity will definitely ensue. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll put a spring in their step as they roll out of bed and get ready for school…

Available on the iTunes store here

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