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What’s in the KenziBox Mamas?

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When it comes to playdates, sometimes you have to think outside of the box to make sure that the kiddos are having fun (you know – the park/mall/soft play is great but too much of it can be a little same same). Well mamas – how about if the fun was delivered to you – inside of a box? KenziBox is a cool subscription service that sends monthly craft activities to your front door and is a cute way to get your kiddos imaginations fired up and their little eyes away from a TV screen. And the great thing? They’re designed by two mamas with the help of primary school teachers to make sure that they’re not only stimulating, but actually educational in that ‘learning through play’ non-pushy type of way. Perfect. KenziBox is designed for 3-8 year olds and while the older kiddies will be able to glue, cut and paint alone, the activities are actually ideal for the littles to do with parents and are a fab way to spend that all important ‘quality time’ together. With 4 little boys due to have a playdate, we decided to put two of the boxes to the Sassy Mama test.

Our KenziBoxes were promptly delivered a couple of days after ordering and eager little hands started to poke and shake them in anticipation of what treats lay inside. With avid mini adventurers/explorers in the mix, we opted for the ‘Sealife’ and ‘What’s In The Garden’ themes for our mega kenziBox arts and crafts play session. Each box arrives with all the stuff you need to complete the projects (except scissors but it’s probably a good thing that those were strictly monitored by mama!) so there’s no need to stock up your arts and crafts cupboard before getting stuck in.

kenzibox collage

First up was the ‘Sealife’ box – containing 4 activities ranging from simple and non-messy to harder and messier – we were fully prepared to embrace the mess and let the kids get stuck in (and boys being boys they managed to be covered in paint and glue within minutes, one of them having to be taken away for a shower mid paint session!) From creating a paper jelly fish complete with googly eyes and crepe paper tenticles to using the box itself to make a cardboard underwater world, the Sealife kit contained 4 projects to keep the kiddos – and mamas – busy for a couple of hours. Having conquered the sea, it was time to move onto land and first up was a homemade bird feeder including seeds to hang in the garden which was a huge hit and was quickly hung in the garden and eagerly watched for friendly feathered visitors followed by a ‘grow your own grassy caterpillar’ which has just started to sprout its green hair.

Our KenziBox playdate was a big success – 2 hours of crafty fun for mamas and littles with zero hassle (unless you count the kids being covered in a seascape blue paint – which we have to mention was actually very funny and washed off like a dream). With summer just around the corner we envisage plenty more KenziBox playdates over the months to come – so next time you’re trying to think up something different for your brood to get stuck into while making sure their creativity isn’t expressed on the walls and the couch AND getting to spend quality time together in the process – subscribe to some fun and give KenziBox a go mamas!

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