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5 Ways To Enjoy Yoga In Dubai

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Great yoga classes around Dubai

I’ve been practicing yoga for more years than I care to admit. Ok, 15 years. I started when I was …er…let’s say 10. Like most Mums I run around like a crazy person with a million things on my mind and yoga is the only thing that keeps me even halfway sane. I always go to the same studio to do the same style of yoga and while there’s nothing wrong with that, there are so many fun and funky yoga classes around that I thought I’d try a few out.

Suspension Yoga at Inspire

Suspension Yoga at Inspire

I’d been wanting to try suspension yoga for ages. You work with a fabric swing suspended from ceiling using it to help you stretch, balance and hang upside down without fear of falling. This was a challenging class (in a good way!) and a great work out. Suspension yoga can be taught at all ability levels and it took me a few attempts before I got the knack of flinging myself backwards in to the inversions. The benefits include decompression of the spine, drainage of the lymphatic system and whole body strengthening. Savasana (the awesome nap .. sorry, meditation, you take at the end of yoga) takes place lying inside the swing and was honestly one of the most relaxing experiences of my life.

Underwater Yoga at Atlantis

Underwater Yoga at Atlantis

When I first heard about this I had slightly panicked visions of wet suits and oxygen tanks. Thankfully the reality is much more zen. The class takes place every Friday morning inside the Lost Chambers aquarium. It’s slightly surreal to be surrounded by water and to see fish swimming past, but it is instantly calming. This hatha based class is aimed at all abilities and pryanama breathing is used to engage the sacral chakra which is associated with water. After the class we were encouraged to sit and enjoy the aquarium for as long as we wanted. The result is an energising class which was a truly blissful start to the weekend.

Sunset Yoga at Talise
Sunset Yoga at Talise

This class takes place every evening in the most stunning setting on the beachside lawn of Madinat Jumeriah with views of the Burj Al Arab and the Arabian Gulf stretching out ahead as far as the eye can see. The sound of the waves and birds flying over head was extremely peaceful. It was actually a little chilly to start with (a treat in itself in Dubai!) but we soon warmed up and I so enjoyed breathing in the sea air and feeling a bit closer to nature. The highest compliment I can pay this class is that I slept better that night than I have in years! Talise also offers Full Moon yoga in the same spot which is accompanied by classical music. I will definitely be back to give it a try.

Hot Power Yoga at Zoga Yog

Hot Power Yoga at Zoga Yoga

For years in London Bikram was the only type of yoga I practiced. Then we moved here and suddenly I couldn’t think of anything worse! I decided to give the hot stuff another go and I’m so glad I did. Hot yoga takes place in a studio heated to around 40 degrees and while the heat adds an additional challenge, it also increases your flexibility, raises your heart rate and has a detoxifying effect on your body. Power yoga is an offshoot of Ashtanga so is a strengthing class and an intensive workout. It was tough but I loved it and felt amazing afterwards! The Zoga Yoga studio also houses a juice bar and healthy cafe where you can enjoy a well deserved treat after class.

One to One Yoga at Yoga La Vie

One to One Yoga at Yoga La Vie

I was a little nervous to take my first ever one to one class because, frankly, there’s safety in numbers. However, my lovely instructor quickly put me at ease and I told her about my dodgy hips. She was able to identify the issue (lazy glutes if you’re interested!) and tailored the entire session to ensuring I didn’t make the problem worse and attempting to correct it. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or are thinking of taking it up, I can’t recommend having an individual lesson highly enough. The Yoga La Vie studio is light and airy, and they also offer a host of group classes including Mother and Baby yoga so there really is something for everyone.

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