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Some Of The Best Advice Our Mamas Ever Gave Us

Advice our mamas gave us
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Mama Knows Best! The Best Advice We Ever Got From Our Own Mums

Remember rolling your eyes when your mama dished out the advice? Well, turns out most of those pearls of wisdom were definitely words to live by (ok and some were just hilarious..). We chatted to some of our mama friends about the things they remember their own mums telling them. Because mama always knows best, right?!


Don’t compare yourself with other mums or your kids with other kids. Yours will crawl, walk, ditch the diapers when they’re ready – have you ever seen a child wearing nappies at school? Also, don’t eat or chew gum in the street – it’ll make you look cheap!


When I was moving to Dubai in my early twenties, my mum told me to, ‘say yes to every invite, party and opportunity and see which path it will lead you down’  I followed her advice and it hasn’t let me down yet!


Don’t go on motorbikes or skinny dip in the sea at night. Other than that, it’s up to you to make up your own mind what you do.

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“Don’t smoke while walking, it looks trashy” — which I may not have always followed … but I think she was right.


Just put a bit of slap (make up) on – you’ll feel much better.

Anna Lewis Sketchy Mama motherhood illustration


Always give a firm handshake, not like wet lettuce.


Always buy decent moisturizer and foundation – don’t skimp on these and everything else can be cheap. Oh and also when doing your make up – pick one to make a statement and go with eyes or lips, never both.


As a working mother you will feel guilty and it is a tough balance but know that you are doing an amazing job and that there is no perfect scenario.

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Get help in the house and make time for yourself at least once a month and The rest will fall into place.


Buy nice or buy twice… husband doesn’t like it quite so much but I totally agree.


Invite the same number of kids to a party as the age they’re turning!!

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