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Why Balayage is Best

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Make The Switch From Highlights To Balayage

Maintaining highlighted hair is a pain-in-the-a**. One minute it looks fab and sun-kissed, the next you have roots the size of China (how does that literally happen overnight!?).I’ve been colouring my hair (the little I have left after losing so much post babies, read more: 5 ways to beat Dubai hair loss & sort your thinning locks) for years – rushing to appointments whenever the kid/work schedule allowed, paying a small fortune every few weeks when the roots became un-livable with. That is until I discovered balayage.


Balayage is a French technique and a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It involves ‘painting’ the hair rather than using foils, giving more natural looking highlights (you know, like the ones that kids get after a summer at the beach – totally enviable). And here’s the thing. With balayage, your regrowth is SO much less noticeable because the colour blends better, so even if you do have roots, it actually looks even more natural and gorgeous plus they bug you far less and you can go a lot longer between colour sessions (saves time, saves money, looks better – what’s not to love?!). The main idea of balayage is to create a soft, natural look that’s totally bespoke to you and the way your hair falls, picking out the areas where the sun would naturally lift your own colour. And whether your hair is long or short, dark or light, balayage can work for it all (only really really cropped pixie hair is a no-no) – plenty of celebs owe their gorgeous locks to the balayage technique (think Gisele Bundchen and Sarah Jessica Parker, both of whom have hair a hundred times nicer than mine but it’s that gorgeous natural look we can all aspire to!).


French mamas in the know go to Valarie, a gorgeous Frenchie in Dubai who works out of her stylish home in downtown Dubai. If you can get an appointment then you’re lucky, she’s very jet-set and very in demand! Most salons now offer balayage so check out our roundup of some of the best places in Dubai for highlights (valarie included) or call up your usual colourist and make the switch from traditional foils – you’ll love it.

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